Met Commander Guilty of Framing Up Web Designer


'I can f*** your life,' Ali Dizaei told man who dared ask for his £600

Met Commander Guilty of Framing Up Web Designer.

SENIOR MET Police officer Ali Dizaei has been found guilty of false arrest and framing a business partner.

Dizaei, 47, a Commander at New Scotland Yard, now faces sentencing over a bizarre affair in which he attacked and fitted up Waad al-Baghdadi, 25, the designer of the officer’s website.

The pair bumped into each other in the Persian Yas restaurant on Hammersmith Road on the night of 18 July 2008 - just four months after Dizaei gained the Commander rank - and Al-Baghdadi asked about the £600 he says he was owed for website work.

That request seems to have sent Dizaei over the edge. Soon after, he had fought with Al-Baghdadi, handcuffed him and called for police re-enforcements.

"I am responsible for 5,000 officers," Dizaei told Al-Baghdadi.

"I can f*** your life."

Dizaei also claimed to have been stabbed, but medical experts told the court Dizaei’s injuries were most likely self-inflicted.

After spending 24 hours in police custody, Al-Baghdadi was released without charge and then entered the complaint that lead to today's ruling that Dizaei was guilty of misconduct in a public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Dizaei has been a high profile officer for a number of years, leading the National Black Police Association and filing complaints of racism in the highest echelons of Scotland Yard.

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