Pete Doherty drugs video hits YouTube


The singer seems to prepare crack cocaine in the clip

Pete Doherty drugs video hits YouTube

Pete Doherty has posted a video apparently showing him about to take drugs on the internet.

In a four-minute clip posted on video sharing website YouTube, entitled 'staff can't come in this room', the rocker – who failed to make a planned performance at the Diesel xXx Experiment in London on Saturday (11.10.08) - is seen dozing in a hammock as his cleaner tries to wake him, urging, "You have to get up and make an album", before adding: "I thought you weren't doing that stuff any more".

The rocker is then seen getting up, preparing what appears to be crack cocaine paraphernalia, drawing the substance to his mouth. As he does, an unseen hand pours a bucket of water over his head, with the clip then being looped several times.

Earlier on in the clip, Pete is seen looking dazed as he mutters incoherently – with a Cornish accent – into the camera, at one point calling for syringes.

This is not the first YouTube clip the rocker has caused controversy with.

One previous video saw Pete's ex-girlfriend Irina Lazareanu try to strangle him with his tie before kicking him in the head more than 20 times as the rocker pretended to die.

Another clip showed Pete pretending to punch a woman wearing a white body stocking, while a third film featured Pete and friend Amy Winehouse playing with Pete's one-day old baby mice.

Submitted by gwright756 on Sun, 2008-10-19 07:38.

Calling this idiot a 'rocker' is a bit rich isn't it???

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