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LondonNet News Archive:
Death of the Princess

Flowers for Diana at Kensington Palace: Click here for Kensington Palace info and ticketsPrincess Diana's Death : Conspiracy News

Earlier articles from our news archive (1997+)

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Following Diana's sudden death in Paris, August 31, 1997 many doubts have surrounded the official story of the paparazzi chasing a drunk driver at speed toward an inevitable and tragic accident. Below you will find a catalogue of articles culled from LondonNet's newsdesk that deal with the developing alternative theories of the crash, ranging from "no-accident" to "full blown conspiracy".

Send us your Diana conspiracy theories.

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Royalist Threat to Break Denise Van Outen's Legs
- Sexy Star receives warning after she flashes her boobs at Prince Charles
- Diana conspiracy theorists take heart as royalist hit squad comes out of the shadows

SEXY TV STAR Denise Van Outen has received a letter from a royalist group warning her that she faces 'total disablement'.

Outen received the threat following her antics earlier this month when she flashed her breasts at Prince Charles at a charity do. The former Big Breakfast presenter felt snubbed after being left out of a line up to meet the heir to the throne. Outen had previously annoyed Buckingham Palace by admitting to stealing a memento during an earlier visit there.

The garbled threat came from a new Royalist terror group called 'Justice'.They promised to 'break her legs' and leave her facing 'total disablement' for life.

"We do not believe in trial or judgment. We are known by certain powers who can do nothing to cease our operation because basically they appreciate what we are doing." claimed the group in their letter.

Conspiracy theorists convinced that Diana, Princess of Wales, was the victim of a royalist hit squad will no doubt see this news as proof that elements of the establishment are out to get republicans. They will point to the post mark on the hate letter; Slough, Berkshire. Just a stone's throw away from Windsor Castle.

This is London. This is summer. Welcome to the silly season.

Hamilton Loses '"Cash for Questions" Libel Case
- "Xmas has come early" claims victorious Al Fayed

FORMER Tory MP Neil Hamilton has sensationally lost his libel case against Harrod's boss Mohamed Al Fayed.

Hamilton had claimed Fayed libelled him by saying that as an MP he accepted cash and other gifts in return for asking questions in Parliament. Fayed claimed in a TV documentary that Hamilton had accepted envelopes stuffed with cash. Fayed used his time in the witness box to exercise legal privilege (immunity) and spent days ranting about the various conspiracies he believes the UK esatablishement has undertaken against him, including the 'murder' of his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The former MP for Tatton, lost his seat at the election to anti-sleaze candidate Martin Bell. He now faces huge a legal bill and the prospect of financial ruin as a result of the jury's verdict.

Fatal Gear Shift Killed Diana
- Crash expert claims driver Paul put auto-gearbox in neutral moments before shunt
- White Uno not to blame says police boffin Nibodeau

A NEW report by crash investigator Michel Nibodeau claims that Henri Paul made a fatal gear change moments before the crash which killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and himself.

Nibodeau believes Paul tried to drop down a gear as he approached the twisty section leading up to the Place D'Alma underpass. Very sensible behaviour in a car with a manual gearbox, but the Mercedes he was driving was an automatic. Thus Nibodeau asserts the Ritz driver placed the car, which was travelling at between 60 and 70 mph, in neutral. It was this that forced Paul to lose control, not a second car believes Nibodeau.

If it is correct, as French police believe, that Paul was three times over the alcohol limit and had taken performance reducing tranquillisers, then this gear change error could have put the situation beyond his control. Police have established the existence of paint marks on the Mercedes from a white Fiat Uno which they believe may have come into contact with Paul's car prior to the crash. If the gearbox theory is right then it is now unclear whether Paul's car hit the Uno before or after losing control.

Nibodeau points to the latter, as the skid marks approaching the tunnel did not belong to Mercedes, confirming that a second car sought to avoid the out of control limo.

However, Nibodeau's is but one view and the final rulings following the official investigation are not expected until January 1999.

Diana Crash Report Leaked
- But Uno mystery still unsolved

LEAKS from the long investigation into the death of Princess Wales offer succour to both pro- and anti- conspiracy theorists, it has emerged.

Conspiracy theorists have often said that the Mercedes that carried Diana to her death last August had been tampered with. But details from a 500 page technical report into the crash car suggest there was nothing wrong with the car and that its speed at impact was 60 mph, not 120 mph as many earlier reports claimed.

But the police technicians do support suspicions about the involvement of a white Fiat Uno which, it says, collided with the Mercedes on entering a Paris road tunnel. Despite massive police efforts the Uno has never been found. (3/11/98)

Judge's Questions Over Diana's Death
- French Judge Herve Stephan issues investigation statement

HERVE STEPHAN the Paris Judge investigating Diana, Princess of Wales's death last August has issued a statement highlighting key points in the accident that remain unexplained.

As LondonNet revealed earlier this year, Henri Paul, the driver of the Mercedes carrying the Princess, did have an unusually high level of carbon monoxide in his blood. His sample will be retested to find out why.

Stephan also wants to know why Diana was not immediately rushed to hospital rather than being attended to at the scene. Experts suggest she may have survived if she had received earlier hospital treatment. The judge also wants further tests on the Mercedes wreckage in a bid to answer further questions.

The judge also rounded on what he says are "unreliable witnesses" who have slowed the investigation. "The detailed and in-depth investigation has been slowed by having to explore evidence of certain witnesses who have given misleading information and false leads" he said. (26/8/98)

Did Speeding Driver Kill Di?
- Francois Levistre believes he could have caused death crash

FRENCH motorist Francois Levistre has told journalists investigating the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, that he may have inadvertently caused the smash.

The 54 year old claims he was speeding as he entered the underpass from a side road. He recalls both the white Fiat Uno and Mercedes having to swerve to avoid him as he joined the main carriageway.

"Thinking about it carefully I now understand how I could have helped cause the crash. I was close behind the car, as much as 10 metres, and my driving may have caused it to swerve and lose control". Levistre made his comments in an article in a British newspaper. (3/8/98)

Chauffeur: Diana Car Brakes Were Faulty
- Driver tells of serious problem for doomed Mercedes

THE MERCEDES that carried Diana, Princess of Wales to her death had faulty brakes, according to the car's regular driver.

Chauffeur Olivier Lafaye has told investigating magistrates in Paris that the Mercedes 280 SEL was known to have faulty brakes and that it therefore should only have been driven by someone well used to its problems.

On the night Diana died the Mercedes was driven by Ritz Hotel chauffeur Henri Paul, a man who had never previously taken charge of the car.

"It didn't hold the road well," said Lafaye. "You had to know how to drive it safely." Lafaye's comments are the latest twist in the investigation into

Diana's death, an investigation that is already 11 months old and which is not now expected to reach any firm conclusions until October. (28/7/98)

Al Fayed Lashes Out At "Monstrous" Earl
- Diana's brother, Earl Spencer accused of 'blatant commercialism'

LOFTY Earl Spencer, has again come under fire, this time from Mohamed Al Fayed.

The Harrods owner rounded on Princess Diana's brother after the Earl slammed Fayed's conspiracy claims. Spencer also poured cold water over Fayed's statement that Diana spoke after her accident.

Spencer shot his mouth off in a sickly-sweet interview on the BBC this week. The programme seemed timed to rack up ticket sales to the morbid Althorp Diana theme park, which opens at the beginning of July.

Fayed, writing in a newspaper, labelled the new claims "monstrous" and said that the interview was "blatant commercialism". (26/6/98)

Al Fayed Plays Down Conspiracy Claims

- Key Diana witnesses meet in Paris

MOHAMMED AL FAYED emerged from the meeting of key witnesses to the Diana/Dodi crash tragedy in Paris to say it was "distressing but helpful."

The Harrods boss has come under fire in the UK media this week for fanning the fires of conspiracy theory but was careful to refrain from making controversial statements at the meeting presided over by Judge Herve Stephan.

Al Fayed has long supported the view that there is something sinister to the deaths of his son, Dodi, and Diana, Princess of Wales but has recently toned down his outbursts on the subject.

The meeting itself was something akin to the last scene in Agatha Christie novels where all the main characters are grilled by Hercule Poirot. As well as Al Fayed, Judge Stephan talked to members of the paparazzi, those witnesses first on the scene that fateful day last August and assorted medical experts. (5/6/98)

Did MI6 Kill Diana?
"Flash of light" caused crash claims witness

AN ITV documentary has raised fresh doubts over the crash that killed Diana , Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed.

A key witness in the programme claimed there was a strong flash of light from in front of the Mercedes just before the crash, possibly from a motorbike. Although initially dismissed as just the flashlight from one of the paparazzi, it is now argued that this could have been a high power anti-personnel device used by secret agents, possibly MI6. Such devices could blind a driver for several minutes, making a crash at any speed inevitable.

Conspiracy backlash: Establishment mocks new evidence

Thatcher's former press secretary "Sir" Bernard Ingham said of the new evidence "I think I'm living in a lunatic are suggesting somebody bumped her off because she was going to marry a Muslim. We're living in fantasy land".

Royal "biographer" Hugo Vickers called the show "a lot of theories - I deplore it". A further documentary by bourgeois broadcasters at Channel Four tonight will attempt to cast further doubt on the various non-accident theories.

New claims

The programme had Di's former lover James Hewitt claiming he was approached by secret agents prior to the crash telling him to stop seeing the Princess or he would meet the same fate as a former bodyguard who died in "mysterious circumstances".

It also claimed there is new evidence regarding driver Henri Paul. Substantial untraceable payments were made to Paul's account in the months leading up to the crash. Unusually high levels of carbon monoxide were found in his body. This shows blood samples taken from the dead Paul could have been tampered with claims the film. Although after the crash it was widely acknowledged that the driver was drunk at the wheel and a long-term alcoholic, his liver appeared perfectly healthy in the autopsy.

An appearance in the documentary by MI5 man David Shayler was withdrawn. The Government's chief lawyer, The Attorney General, told ITV the programme's broadcasters, that the scene had to go or they may have faced prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. (4/6/98)

Did MI6 Kill Diana? We examine the evidence

Diana: The Plot Thickens
- Evidence for conspiracy increases with release of "CIA documents"

The Mirror newspaper today published extracts from secret papers which could show that Diana WAS MURDERED after all.

The documents are claimed to originate from the CIA and cost Dodi's father, Al Fayed 10 million UKP to obtain after a series of meetings in Vienna. They allege collusion between the CIA and MI6 in providing the final solution for Diana, Princess of Wales.

A "CIA source in the field" claims in the document that The Duke of Edinburgh said of Di's relationship with Dodi :

"Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king."

The papers also shed light on the vehicles involved in the tragedy. The Mercedes had its electronics tampered with by "K-Team" (Mossad) and the TURBO Fiat Uno was heavily weighted.

Naturally all concerned with this matter, aside from Fayed, state that the documents are false. The vendor of the papers, Oswald LeWinter has already been arrested and is confined to a cell in Vienna, while interpol search for his alleged accomplice Karl Kocher. (14/5/98)

Diana Case Faces Chop

PARIS investigators are set to abandon their attempts to nail anyone for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Magistrates looking into the crash that caused the Princess's death and that of companion Dodi Al Fayed are said to be on the point of announcing that they will close the case through lack of evidence. One magistrate is quoted as saying that the investigation is "going nowhere," after police failed to trace the Fiat Uno reckoned to have been involved in the smash in a Paris tunnel that saw Diana's Mercedes spin out of control.

The decision to put an end to the investigation that has so far cost some $400,000 also lets off the hook the paparazzi posse chasing the Mercedes that fateful August night who had previously been charged with manslaughter.

Di Death Doubts Resurface

CONSPIRACY theorists received a boost with the news that a high ranking royal official has said he wants to open a second investigation into the mysterious death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

As readers of LondonNet's own Conspiracy Theory pages will be aware, rumours have been flying around ever since Diana's death that sinister forces were behind the accident that caused her demise, but the revelation that senior members of the British Establishment share the belief that Diana was murdered will still come as a shock.

According to informed sources, respected figures in the Queen's Coroner's Office are lobbying for the right to hold their own investigation as soon as the French authorities have finished their trawl through the evidence. Apparently top officials drew the conclusion straight away that the Paris crash was no accident and now want to test their theories out.

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Your Conspiracy Theories
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LondonNet mistress of the mysterious Linda Pleasance takes a cold look at your theories. Her favourite so far, overheard at her local pub, is that Di and Dodi died as he result of a fiendish plot hatched by the world's florists. Flower power lives! Click Here ...

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