LondonNet: Customers Survey

LondonNet Hotel Shop Survey - March 2000

In March 2000 LondonNet wrote to all the readers who had booked through our Hotel Shop in the past year.

Overall the response was very positive. The most encouraging sign for us is the number who said that they would use us again and would recommend our service to others.

Thanks to everyone who took part and rest assured we will use the information supplied to further improve the choice and quality of the hotels available on the site.
To read more comments from respondents to the survey click here.

About LondonNet

How did you rate our selection of hotels?
Good Average Poor
73% 27% 0%
Did you find our booking system easy to use?
Yes Average No
80% 15% 5%
Would you use our service again?
Yes Maybe No
77.5% 21% 1.5%
Would you recommend LondonNet to others?
Yes Maybe No
79% 18% 3%

About Our Hotels

How satisfied were you with your room?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Not Satisfied
40% 53% 7%
How did you rate the service in the hotel?
Good Fair Poor
65% 31% 4%
Do you consider that the hotel represented good value for money?
Good Value Fair Value Poor Value
49% 44% 7%
How satisfied were you with the hotel overall?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Not Satisfied
45% 51% 4%
Would you stay there again?
Yes Maybe No
56% 33% 11%