An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (PG)

Documentary (2017)
98mins US

Starring: Al Gore
Director: Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen
Writer(s): Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen
Listings: London | Rest of UK and Ireland

Former United States vice president Al Gore continues his quest to prick consciences about the effects of global warming. He loudly bangs a drum for action and words on climate change, spreading his message during a turbulent period of political upheaval including the election of Donald Trump, who lambasted global warming as a "very expensive hoax" and withdrew the United States from the Paris climate accord.

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London Cinemas

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Rest of UK and Irish Cinemas

Listed in alphabetical order by city/place name followed by cinema name.

From Friday 11th August
To Thursday 17th August

- Aberdeen, Cineworld Aberdeen - Union Square
- Ashford, Cineworld Ashford
- Ashton-under-Lyne, Cineworld Ashton-under-Lyne
- Basildon, Cineworld Basildon
- Birmingham, Cineworld Birmingham
- Birmingham, Empire Birmingham Great Park
- Bishop's Stortford, Empire Bishop's Stortford
- Boldon Colliery, Cineworld Boldon Tyne And Wear
- Bolton, Cineworld Bolton
- Bradford, Cineworld Bradford
- Bradford, Odeon Leeds-Bradford
- Braintree, Cineworld Braintree
- Brighton, Cineworld Brighton
- Bristol, Cineworld Bristol
- Burton-on-Trent, Cineworld Burton Upon Trent
- Cardiff, Cineworld Cardiff
- Castleford, Cineworld Castleford
- Catterick Garrison, Empire Catterick Garrison
- Cheltenham, Cineworld Cheltenham
- Chester, Cineworld Broughton
- Chesterfield, Cineworld Chesterfield
- Chichester, Cineworld Chichester
- Clydebank, Empire Clydebank
- Crawley, Cineworld Crawley
- Dublin, Cineworld Dublin
- Dundee, Cineworld Dundee
- East Didsbury, Cineworld Didsbury
- Edinburgh, Cineworld Edinburgh
- Falkirk, Cineworld Falkirk
- Fareham, Cineworld Whiteley
- Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow - Renfrew Street
- Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow - Silverburn
- Gloucester, Cineworld Gloucester Quays
- Harlow, Cineworld Harlow - Harvey Centre
- Hemel Hempstead, Cineworld Hemel Hempstead
- High Wycombe, Cineworld High Wycombe
- High Wycombe, Empire High Wycombe
- Hull, Cineworld Hull
- Huntingdon, Cineworld Huntingdon
- Ipswich, Cineworld Ipswich
- Ipswich, Empire Ipswich
- Jersey, Cineworld Jersey
- Llandudno, Cineworld Llandudno
- Luton, Cineworld Luton
- Middlesbrough, Cineworld Middlesbrough
- Milton Keynes, Cineworld Milton Keynes
- Newcastle upon Tyne, Cineworld Newcastle Upon Tyne
- Newport, Cineworld Isle Of Wight
- Newport, Cineworld Newport Spytty Road
- Nottingham, Cineworld Nottingham
- Poole, Cineworld Poole
- Rochester, Cineworld Rochester
- Rugby, Cineworld Rugby
- Ruislip, Cineworld South Ruislip
- Runcorn, Cineworld Runcorn
- Sheffield, Cineworld Sheffield
- Slough, Empire Slough
- Stevenage, Cineworld Stevenage
- St Helens, Cineworld St Helens
- Stockport, Cineworld Stockport
- Stoke-on-Trent, Cineworld Stoke-on-Trent
- Sunderland, Empire Sunderland
- Sutton Coldfield, Empire Sutton Coldfield
- Swindon, Cineworld Swindon Shaw Ridge
- Swindon, Empire Swindon Greenbridge
- Telford, Cineworld Telford
- Totnes, Dartington Arts Centre
- Wakefield, Cineworld Wakefield
- Walthamstow, Empire Walthamstow
- Weymouth, Cineworld Weymouth
- Wigan, Empire Wigan
- Wolverhampton, Cineworld Wolverhampton
- Yeovil, Cineworld Yeovil
From Friday 18th August
To Thursday 24th August

- Batley, Showcase Leeds
- Belfast, Dundonald Omniplex
- Belfast, Queen's Film Theatre
- Birmingham, Cineworld Birmingham
- Bournemouth, Odeon Bournemouth BH2
- Brighton, Komedia
- Brighton, Odeon Brighton
- Bristol, Everyman Bristol
- Bristol, Showcase Bristol Cinema De Lux
- Bristol, Watershed
- Cambridge, Arts Picturehouse
- Cardiff, Cineworld Cardiff
- Cardiff, Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw
- Cork, Cork Omniplex
- Coventry, Showcase Coventry
- Crawley, Cineworld Crawley
- Dublin, Cineworld Dublin
- Dublin, Dublin Rathmines Omniplex
- Dublin, IMC Santry
- Dublin, IMC Tallaght
- Dublin, Savoy
- Dun Laoghaire, IMC Dun Laoghaire
- Edinburgh, Cameo Picturehouse
- Edinburgh, Cineworld Edinburgh
- Exeter, Exeter Picturehouse
- Galway, IMC Galway
- Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow - Renfrew Street
- Greenhithe, Showcase Bluewater
- Guildford, Odeon Guildford
- Harrogate, Everyman Harrogate
- Henley-on-Thames, Regal Picturehouse
- Ipswich, Empire Ipswich
- Leicester, Phoenix
- Leicester, Showcase Leicester Cinema De Lux
- Lincoln, Odeon Lincoln
- Liverpool, Odeon Liverpool ONE
- Liverpool, Picturehouse At FACT
- Manchester, HOME
- Manchester, Odeon Trafford Centre
- Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyneside Cinema
- Norwich, Cinema City Picturehouse
- Nottingham, Cineworld Nottingham
- Omagh, IMC Omagh
- Oxford, Odeon Oxford George Street
- Oxford, Odeon Oxford Magdalen Street
- Peterborough, Showcase Peterborough
- Sheffield, Cineworld Sheffield
- Southampton, Harbour Lights Picturehouse
- Southampton, Odeon Southampton
- Stillorgan, Odeon Stillorgan
- Stratford-upon-Avon, Everyman Stratford-Upon-Avon
- Tunbridge Wells, Odeon Tunbridge Wells
- Walthamstow, Empire Walthamstow
- York, City Screen Picturehouse

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