Feather Accessories

You've already seen it a million times on TV and magazines and you know that feather skirts and dresses are right on trend. But let's face it, it's not a look easy to carry considering how fragile the garments are not to mention hard to wash... Our advice: stick to feather accessories...

Areli Feather Pendant Necklace. Boohoo.com Dramatic Feather Headband. New Look Sparkle Flower Clip. Miss Selfridge.

Areli Feather Pendant Necklace: £6.00
New Look:
Dramatic Feather Headband: £8.00 | sparkle-flower-clipSparkle Flower Clip: £2.99

Feather Corsage Bracelet. Dorothy Perkins Feather And Chain Drop Earring. Dorothy Perkins Feather Corsage Headband. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins:
Feather Corsage Bracelet: £12.50 | Feather And Chain Drop Earring: £8.50 | Feather Corsage Headband: £3.00 (Was £8.50)

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