Customised Jewellery Just in Time

Annoush Waddington-Bond ring. Photo credit: Sarah MacCrae. All rights reserved.Is the credit climate crunching your holiday budget? The Barbican Centre is running a jewellery exhibition from 16 November, and with prices from £30, you might find the perfect stocking stuffer.

The Designer Jewellers Group, which features both established and up-and-coming designers from the UK, will show off its best contemporary jewellery in a free showcase. This ring by Anoush Waddington-Bond easily could brighten up the holidays for your favourite quirky aunt.

The pieces at the exhibition are either one-offs or produced in very limited range, so you can be sure they won't be the required accessories for the latest Kate Moss for Topshop dress. And if you have your own ideas for jewellery, just use the group's commissioning service: Someone can help create your piece from scratch.

The exhibition runs from noon to 8.30 p.m. most days, so there's plenty of time to find the perfect gift. But don't procrastinate too much because doors shut on 24 December.

- Jill Hilbrenner

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2008-11-07 17:39.

I'm bored at work and need to do some xmas shopping. Something new to browse...

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