Emma Bell Gets Sweet

Emma Bell's Vault for Vauxhall. Copyright Emma Bell. All Rights Reserved.With fighting overseas and the economy tanking, sometimes you need a little something sweet to take you back to childhood, when life revolved around little more than playground games and cartoons.

Designer Emma Bell's latest project isn't a time-travel machine, but she's organised a party with Vauxhall that could make you feel like you were back in the single digits, if not for the psychedelic references and excess of glitter. Visit LondonNet's style blog to find out the time and place, the special entertainment and how to get tickets.

Here's a hint: Expect candy, and lots of it.

-Jill Hilbrenner

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2008-11-07 17:42.

... but the face of tha woman is freaking me out!

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