West End Jungle Competition

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West End Jungle CompetitionNearly half a century after it was banned…West End Jungle is set to make a return to our screens this January 2009, courtesy of Strike Force Entertainment/Network, priced £16.99.

Banned in 1961, West End Jungle offers a comprehensive insight into the history and once referred to, 'seedy reality' of the early sixties in Soho.

Examining the consequences of the introduction of the Street Offences Act in 1959, which until then had seen as many as 10,000 prostitutes line the streets and alleys of London's Soho district with nothing more than a deterrent of a £2 fine, West End Jungle explains just what happened after those streets were cleaned and looks at the very many different guises as one of Britain's oldest professions continued to operate and thrive.

From the new breed of members clubs, which sprung up everywhere, to strip joints, clip joints, call girls, models & hostesses, West End Jungle examines the world of prostitution and its many facets, from the techniques used to picking up customers to the recruitment of rural women often lured by the glamour and hopes of fame and fortune.

Filmed in private members clubs and talking to various experts in the field from massage therapists to the overt hooker walking the streets, West End Jungle is a timely release to coincide with the new laws governing prostitution which have hit the headlines once again in recent months.

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This competition is now closed. The winners are as follow:
Sandra Singer, London, E8
Valerie Hartley, W Yorks WF4
Cathy Gordon, Southampton, SO19
Solange Thomas, London, W6

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