London Film Festival 2008: New British Cinema

London Film Festival 2008. Film on the Square. 1 2 3 4

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17 - 25 October
Rock 'n' roll doesn't always come with the sex and drugs attached...

19 & 20 October
An adaptation of Kevin Sampsons' cult novel set in the North West during the post-punk era.

Better Things
17 & 22 October
A restrained and beautifully articulated character study of the realities of life and love in rural England.

Broken Lines
22 & 27 October
A couple are drawn together, despite their obligations to others, in Sallie Aprahamian's mature and sophisticated debut feature.

17 & 24 October
Brave and challenging portrait of notorious lifer and the UK's 'most violent prisoner' Charles Bronson.

16 & 19 October
A refreshingly ambitious urban fairytale about the relationship between love, fantasy and faith.

26 October
Naturalism and a strong visual approach combine in this sensitively drawn study of a young woman poised on the brink of adulthood.

I Know You Know
25 & 26 October
From Human Traffic director Justin Kerrigan, his second feature deals with the danger of fantasy while also being very smart, touching and funny.

Love Live Long
16 - 18 October
Mike Figgis' latest digital experiment, a bold study of desire and moral boundaries set against the backdrop of the Gumball 300 Rally.

New Town Killers
28 & 30 October
Richard Jobson takes us on a tension-packed joyride through Edinburgh streets.

The Posters Came From The Walls
21 October
Stories of faith and devotion, a fascinating and inspired documentary study of Depeche Mode fans from around the world.

24 & 26 October
A debut British feature of promise and distinction, Shifty is a terrific example of a film that manages to achieve a great deal with very little.

25 & 28 October
The crazy life and strange times of Joe Meek and the incredible music he produced.

Vashti Bunyan: From Here to Before
25 - 27 October
The enigmatic singer-songwriter retraces the steps that led her to record her first album, the hugely influential Just Another Diamond Day.

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