Studio Cinema Cinema - Coleford - Listings and Film Reviews

High Street, Coleford, GL16 8HF
Tel: 01594 833331

Price: £5.60, concs £4.20

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Note: Times shown are daily except where a day is shown. For example, 'Thu 5.30pm' means a showing at 5.30 on Thursday only. The weeks below run from the Friday to the following Thursday.

From Friday 12th September
To Thursday 18th September

Let's Be Cops
17:30 20:30 (Fri-Mon/Wed/Thu)

The Boxtrolls
Fri/Mon/Wed/Thu 18:15; Sat/Sun 13:30 15:45 18:15; Tue 16:30

The Hundred-Foot Journey
14:45 (Sat/Sun) 20:00

From Friday 19th September
To Thursday 25th September

Let's Be Cops
Sat/Sun 14:45


The Boxtrolls
14:30 (Sat/Sun) 17:15

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