Cynthia Corbett Gallery at the London Art Fair

Celebrating 21 years, London Art Fair returns to a spectacular venue in the heart of Islington featuring over one-hundred leading UK galleries showing exceptional Modern British artists and international contemporary talent. Among them The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

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Ultram by Klari ReisThe Cynthia Corbett Gallery will be showing the following artists:

KLARI REIS In an effort to understand her condition that is Crones disease Klari Reis observed the behaviour of prescription drugs on the body and under the microscope. By using brightly coloured epoxy polymers dripped onto aluminium panels or Petri dishes she mimics this behaviour with each piece being named after the drug. A positive outlook on the work of the much derided drug companies whom Klari herself relies upon.

YVONNE DE ROSA will be showing photographs from her "contacts series" exploring human interaction, communication, faith, love and friendship. Documenting peoples daily lives and the contact they experience with each other. She will also be talking about and signing copies of her book Crazy God Photographs and Letters from an Italian Psychiatric hospital. This won her International Photographer of the Year and 5 special mentions. Frustrated at her inability to change an archaic system she decided to document the lives of the forgotten people who she had formally cared for as a volunteer. Years later she breaks into the now derelict building and documents this through the personal effects she finds in the rubble. As hauntingly beautiful as it is heartbreaking.

TOM LEIGHTON is a favourite with the press. Profiled in publications like Le Monde, Guardian as well as style mag Dazed and Confused his photographs are montages of 1000s of images taken on his travels from New York to Tokyo, Barcelona to Beijing. Differing cultures, architectures and philosophies seamlessly become one. An artist who speaks an international language.

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