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LondonNet Cinema: Blockbuster of the Week:

Chappie. Copyright: Stephanie Blomkamp/2015 CTMG Inc. All Rights Reserved. Caption: Hugh Jackman stars in Chappie, directed by Neill Blomkamp. Photo: Stephanie Blomkamp. Copyright: 2015 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Chappie (15)

SciFi (2015) - 120mins Mex/US
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Starring: Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and Yo-Landi Visser
Scientist Deon Wilson blesses a robot called CHAPPiE with artificial intelligence. Doomsayer Vincent Moore expresses concern about the threat posed to the public by CHAPPiE and he vows to destroy the robot...
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Drama Of The Week:

Still Alice. Copyright: Jojo Whilden/Sony Pictures Classics. All Rights Reserved. Caption: Julianne Moore as Alice Howland in Still Alice, directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. Photo: Jojo Whilden. Copyright: Sony Pictures Classics. All Rights Reserved.

Still Alice (12A)

Drama (2014) – 101mins US
Director: Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland
Starring: Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth, Hunter Parrish and Shane McRae
Celebrated linguistics professor Alice Howland is diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease. Since the condition could be passed down, Alice advises her children to be tested, which poses a dilemma for eldest daughter Anna, who is pregnant with twins...
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Critics' Choice:

Dreamcatcher. Copyright: Dogwoof. All Rights Reserved. Caption: Brenda Myers-Powell in Dreamcatcher, directed by, directed by Kim Longinotto. Copyright: Dogwoof. All Rights Reserved.

Dreamcatcher (15)

Documentary (2015) - 104mins UK/US
Director: Kim Longinotto
A documentary about the titular foundation, founded by Brenda Myers-Powell and Stephanie Daniels-Wilson, which offers emotional support to women and girls involved in prostitution in Chicago…
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Also released this week

Appropriate Behaviour (15)
Comedy (2014) – 86mins UK
Director: Desiree Akhavan
Starring: Desiree Akhavan, Rebecca Henderson, Arian Moayed and Scott Adsit
Shirin breaks up with her long-term girlfriend Maxine, who was forced to keep the romance secret from Shirin's strict, traditionalist parents. While her romantic future crumbles, Shirin also has to contend with sibling rivalry with her brother Ali…
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BAFTA Shorts 2015 (15)
Drama (2014-15) – 123mins UK
Director: Michael Lennox, Daisy Jacobs, Rachel Tunnard, Nick Rowland, Oscar Sharp, Aleem Khan, Ainslie Henderson, Will Anderson and Marcus Armitage
For the third year, BAFTA celebrates creativity and innovation within the home-grown film industry with a tour of a feature-length package of films nominated in the British Short Film and British Short Animation categories…
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Difret (12A)
Drama (2014) – 99mins Ethio/US
Director: Zeresenay Mehari
Starring: Meron Getnet, Tizita Hagre and Rachel Teshome
Fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Hirut is making her way home when a gang of men on horseback attempts to kidnap her. The teenager dares to fight back, grabs the rifle of one of her would-be abductors and shoots the man who was destined to be her husband…
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Enakkul Oruvan (12A)
Drama (2015) – 134mins India
Director: Prasad Ramar
Starring: Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi and Srushti Dange
Mukhil suffers terribly from insomnia. A drug dealer offers him some pills, which allow the user to experience deep and vivid dream states. Mukhil takes his first dose and he is delighted to slip into the imaginary life of a successful screen actor…
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High Tide (15)
Drama (2015) – 94mins UK
Director: James Gillingham and Jimmy Hay
Starring: Melanie Walters, Sam Davies and Claire Cage
Bethan takes her teenage son Josh out of school for the day to discuss pressing issues and help him come to terms with the heartache that lies ahead. Free from distractions, mother and son communicate effectively for perhaps the first time…
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Hyena (18)
Thriller (2014) – 112mins UK
Director: Gerard Johnson
Starring: Peter Ferdinando, Stephen Graham, Neil Maskell, Elisa Lasowski and MyAnna Bruing
Internal affairs probe corrupt cop Michael Logan and his shady dealings. The law-breaking officer resolves to protect himself by bringing down the gang of Albanians, who threaten everything he holds dear…
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Kill The Messenger (18)
Thriller (2014) – 112mins US
Director: Michael Cuesta
Starring: Jeremey Renner, Robert Patrick, Rosemarie DeWitt, Paz Vega, Michael Kenneth Williams, Andy Garcia and Jena Sims
Investigative reporter Gary Webb pens an incendiary three-part expose entitled Dark Alliance, which links the CIA and Nicaraguan Contras. Consequently, the journalist faces a relentless smear campaign against his integrity…
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Life Of Riley (12A)
Comedy (2014) – 113mins Fr
Director: Alain Resnais
Starring: Sabine Azema, Hippolyte Girardot, Caroline Sihol, Michel Vuillermoz, Sandrine Kiberlain and Andre Dussollier
Colin and Kathryn, Jack and Tamara, and Simeon and Monica belong to the same Yorkshire amateur dramatic group. Out of the blue, they learn that mutual friend George Riley has a few months to live so the sextet invites him to become a part of the theatrical troupe…
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Unfinished Business (15)
Comedy (2015) – 91mins US
Director: Ken Scott
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, James Marsden, Nick Frost and Sienna Miller
Small-business owner Dan Trunkman and his two employees fly to Germany to secure a lucrative business deal. When they arrive, the trio discover that Dan's manipulative old boss Beth is in town to scupper the negotiations…
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White Bird In A Blizzard (15)
Drama (2014) – 91mins Fr/US
Director: Gregg Araki
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, Thomas Jane, Gabourney Sidibe and Angela Bassett
Wild child Eve marries Brock Connors and curbs her self-destructive habits to play the doting mother and housewife. Without a word or explanation, Eve vanishes, leaving behind her 17-year-old daughter Kat and a lot of awkward questions…
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