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Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man star in Columbia Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man 2, also Emma Stone. Copyright 2014 Sony Pictures Releasing. All Rights Reserved.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (12A)

Action (2014) - 142mins US
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Paul Giamatti, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Jamie Foxx, Colm Feore, Dane DeHaan
Haunted by the death of Uncle Ben, Peter Parker continues to wrestle with his guilt and his new responsibilities as New York City's protector. Thankfully, he has the unwavering support of Aunt May and the love of his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, who is aware of his dual identities. The emergence of a new adversary, Electro, tests Peter to the limit just as old friend Harry Osborn returns...
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Comedy of the Week:

The Love Punch. Copyright 2014 Entertainment One UK. All Rights Reserved.

The Love Punch (12A)

Comedy (2013) - 94mins Fr
Director: Joel Hopkins
Starring: Emma Thompson, Tuppence Middleton, Pierce Brosnan, Louise Bourgoin, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie
Richard Jones and his ex-wife Kate are crippled by loneliness as they lead unfulfilled separate lives. Shortly after the couple's daughter Sophie flies the nest for university, Machiavellian French businessman Vincent Kruger plunders the pension fund of Richard's company, leaving the Joneses on the brink of financial ruin...
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Critics' Choice:

Locke. Copyright 2014 Lionsgate. All Rights Reserved.

Locke (15)

Drama (2013) - 85mins UK/US
Director: Steven Knight
Starring: Ruth Wilson, Olivia Colman, Tom Hardy
Ivan Locke is a businessman with a perfect family, who is supposed to be channelling his time and energy into a vital construction project that will either make or break him. Instead, he abandons the building site to speed to the bedside of his mistress, who is about to give birth to their child. ..
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Also released this week

2 States
Drama (2014) - India
Director: Abhishek Varman
Starring: Amrita Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Revathy
Krish Malhotra is a sensitive North Indian boy from Delhi with an overbearing Punjabi mother and an alcoholic father. Ananya Swaminathan is a free-spirited Tamil girl from Chennai with middle class parents, who are hard to please.
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Magic Magic (15)
Thriller (2013) - 96mins Chile/US
Director: Sebastian Silva
Starring: Michael Cera, Juno Temple, Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Agustin Silva
Alicia is a shy girl, who agrees to embark on a trip of a lifetime to a remote part of Chile with her outgoing cousin Sarah and Sarah's friends Brink, Barbara, and her boyfriend Augustin. Out of the blue, Sarah is forced to return to school, leaving Alicia alone in a foreign country with people she doesn't know and a language she doesn't understand.
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Reaching For The Moon (12A)
Drama (2013) -114mins Bra
Director: Bruno Barreto
Starring: Gloria Pires, Tracy Middendorf, Miranda Otto, Marcello Airoldi
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop feels creatively stagnant so she seeks inspiration in foreign climes, heaving for a sprawling country estate in Brazil owned by an old college friend. Arriving in this tropical paradise, Bishop clashes with her friend's partner: architect Lota de Macedo Soares...
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The Sea (12A)
Drama (2013) - 86mins Ire/UK
Director: Stephen Brown
Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Bonnie Wright, Rufus Sewell, Ciaran Hinds, Natascha McElhone, Sinead Cusack
Art historian Max Morden is devastated by the death of his wife Anna. He seeks refuge in the coastal community of his childhood, where he looks back fondly to the summer of 1955 when he met Carlo and Connie Grace and their bohemian family including twins, Chloe and Myles...
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We Are The Best! (15)
Drama (2013) - 102mins Swe
Director: Lukas Moodysson
Starring: David Dencik, Mira Barkhammar, Alexander Karlsson, Liv LeMoyne, Mira Grosin
Thirteen-year-old Klara sports a striking mohawk and is looking for an outlet for her talents, like best friend Bobo. Having being told by everyone that punk is dead, Klara and Bobo decide to form an all-girl band, ignoring two rather important facts: they have no instruments and they have no obvious musical ability...
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Wrinkles (15)
Drama (2011) - Sp 87mins
Director: Ignacio Ferreras
Starring: Alvaro Guevara, Tacho Gonzalez, Raul Dans
Emilio is a retired bank manager, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, which is robbing him of his memory and his ability to take care of himself. The old man's adult son, Juan, who has a family and responsibilities, cannot take care of Emilio so he sends him to a care facility instead. ..
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Opens Tuesday April 22:

Super Duper Alice Cooper (15)
Documentary (2014) - 114mins Can
Director: Reginald Harkema, Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn
Documentary portrait of a musical icon, who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Born in February 1948 in Detroit Michigan to a lay preacher father, Vincent Furnier eventually settled in Arizona, Phoenix, where he formed his first band, The Earwigs...
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Opens Wednesday April 23:

The Other Woman (12A)
Comedy (2014) - 109mins US
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Starring: Leslie Mann, Don Johnson, Cameron Diaz, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton
Carly is a beautiful and independent woman with a handsome boyfriend Mark, whom she adores. Her world implodes when she learns that Mark is a fraud and he is married. By chance, Carly crosses paths with Mark's wife Kate and the two women unexpectedly become friends, comforting each other over the betrayal of the man they love...
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plus special previews nationwide on Saturday April 19, Sunday April 20 and Monday April 21:

Transcendence (12A)
SciFi (2014) - 119mins UK/Chi/US
Director: Wally Pfister
Starring: Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara
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