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Ministry of Sound - Fifteen Years Review

Album Review
Ministry of Sound

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Ministry of Sound - Fifteen Years: Limited EditionWhat's house music without the glow-sticks and massive speakers? Does it have the same appeal in a Toyota stuck in traffic as it has in a massive warehouse party full of pretty young folk? The real question here is, when the Ministry of Sound releases 15 Years, their new three-disc album packed with club track, will it be as good as you remember?

The answer is relative, of course. The hardcore club junkies out there will, as they should, rush out and pick this one up. It's difficult to argue with the idea of taking sets by some of the most famous DJs to grace Ministry's booths and package it all up into one gigantic sampler. Lovers of house music will not be disappointed: CJ Mackintosh, Jazzy M and Marc Hughes are each given a full-length album on which to spin their favourites.

Of these, it's difficult to choose one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. CJ Mackintosh brings his cherry-coloured funk to the stage, while Marc Hughes busts out the blips and bleeps on great tracks like the Tim Deluxe remix of Gus Gus' anthem David. All in all, though, the prize pig is Jazzy M. Stardust's Music Sounds Better With You has indeed never sounded so good, and of the sets M's is the most consistent.

All told, for anyone but the hardcore clubber, this is overkill. Simply put, there's so much material here that in many cases it'll go to waste. It's a real pity that this album isn't available on vinyl, as it would rapidly become a staple for house DJs everywhere.

If you've ever been at Ministry for one of these three DJ's sets, this album may bring back delightful memories. As a commemoration of 15 years of the self-professed “most famous club in the world”, this album is a fitting testament to the longevity of house music. If you want a huge collection of classic tracks, look no further. If you want to experience club culture, the best thing for you might be to spend your hard-earned cash on a ticket at the door.

- Nicholas Carter

Buy Ministry of Sound - Fifteen Years: Limited Edition at Amazon >>

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