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Peace in Kosovo?
- The Aftermath of NATO Attacks on Serbia
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More Russian Troops Enter Kosovo
- Convoy carrying paratroops and supplies head for Pristina

THE DELICATE stand-off between NATO and Russian forces in Pristina, Kosovo, takes a further turn today with the arrival of reinforcements.

A Russian convoy carrying paratroops and supplies travelled from Bosnia to bolster the besieged forces holding the city's airport and runway. The eleven vehicles are part of a steady Russian troops. Moscow wants ten thousand more soldiers to follow to build up its peacekeeping presence in the territory.

In public at least NATO claims that it does not wish for more Russian troops to enter until an agreement can be reached over their deployment.

What do you think?
Will the 'Peace Keeping' framework work in Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Latest Balkan Peace Deal Signed
- NATO and Serbs give vital concessions in new deal

THE LATEST BALKAN peace deal was signed last night with military chiefs on both sides claiming victory.

Gung-ho NATO's Lt-Gen Michael Rose conceded that bombing would now stop once verifiable proof was received that Yugoslav troops were withdrawing. NATO had previously wanted to continue bombing while the troops retreated. Serb leaders were unwilling to accept this, no doubt with memories of the massacre of thousands of retreating Iraqi troops on the Basra road at the end of the Gulf war.

Russian troops will contribute to the peace-keeping force in Kosovo, while Serb troops will all leave the province.

Balkan Peace Talks Falter
- Are the Serbs snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

TALKS BETWEEN rival generals in Macedonia broke down last night as Serb representatives demand more time to remove their forces from Kosovo.

NATO has threatened to escalate its bombing campaign if an agreement cannot be swiftly reached over Serb withdrawal. The Yugoslav generals have expressed doubts at their ability to remove and mark minefields and withdraw their troops in the seven day period demanded. They point in particular to a chronic lack of fuel, brought about by NATO's relentless aerial bombardment.

NATO's commander in the field, Lt-Gen Michael Jackson, said that the talks had broken down because the Serbs had presented proposals 'inconsistent' with the text of the agreement accepted by Belgrade. These 'amendments' would not have guaranteed the safe return of refugees argued Jackson.

If an agreement is not reached it is likely to be the Serbs who have gained the most by the week's dalliance with peace. They have displayed a willingness to settle the matter, whereas NATO has gained increased animosity by continuing its bombing during the 'week of peace'.

More importantly the Yugoslav's trump card is the upcoming 'Balkan winter'. Any delay will only help their cause as it diminishes the prospect of the west gathering together a land force to invade Kosovo.

Belgrade Agrees to Peace Plan
- Latest proposal comes as Clinton 'considers' ground war

UPDATE (3/6/96 15.00 PM): President Milosevic and the Yugoslav Parliament have accepted the terms of the peace initiative outlined below. NATO has said it will continue bombing until there is evidence of Serb withdrawal.

RUSSIAN PEACE envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin and his EU counterpart the Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari are talking over the latest peace proposal with Yugoslav leaders in Belgrade.

Slobodan Milosevic is said to be seriously considering the latest proposal. It is believed to come closer than previous plans to being acceptable to Belgrade. The scheme comprises the following threads:

1) Withdrawl of Serb military and police forces from Kosovo
2) Suspension of NATO bombing - backed up by a resolution of the UN Security Council.
3) An end to Serb repression in the province
4) Deployment in Kosovo of a UN endorsed international security presence
5) Establishment of an interim administration for Kosovo, appointed by the UN
6) Safe and unhindered return of refugees.

There remain, however, key sticking points:

Whose forces comprise the 'international security presence'? The Yugoslavs would like some of their own forces and no presence by NATO countries who have participated in the bombing.

Will the different forces effectively create a partition in Kosovo? There has been talk of Russian forces administering the northern section of Kosovo, while others take care of the south.

Timing, or who moves, first? The Yugoslavs want NATO to stop bombing before they withdraw forces from Kosovo, NATO rejects this ultimatum.

Alongside the continued push for peace US President Bill Clinton has talked up the prospects of a ground war to 'free' Kosovo. The wavering leader has wafted from outright opposition to a ground conflict to gung-ho support in recent weeks. Cynical observers might note that this swing in policy coincides with keeping the alliance together - in the case of rejection of a ground campaign - to keeping up the pressure on Belgrade - support of a ground war.

What do you think?
Will the 'Peace Keeping' framework work in Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Milosevic Indictment Splits NATO
- Alliance 'doves' anxious at implications of War Crimes charges

NATO FACES a turbulent few days following the indictment for War Crimes of the Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic.

He is the first head of state to face such charges. Russia was furious at the move. Their Kosovo envoy, Viktor Chernomyrdin has said that the prolonged bombing campaign has set back East West relations 'by several decades'. Chernomyrdin is to present Milosevic with a new peace plan when he visits Belgrade today.

Britain and to a degree France are seen as hawks keen to build the momentum against the Serb leader. The US is playing a watching brief, with a keen eye to domestic opinion polls. The administration does not want to get embroiled in a Vietnam style quagmire at this sensitive stage in the electoral cycle.

Adriatic neighbours Italy and Greece have long voiced concerns over the relentless bombing campaign. Former Greek premier Constantine Mitsotakis condemned the indictment:

"I believe that this decision will strengthen his position in the same way that the NATO bombings did" Mitsotakis said after meeting Milosevic.

While in Germany Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder faces increasing difficulty maintaining his coalition with the Green Party due to the prolonged conflict. The Greens are vehemently opposed to a ground campaign. Many grassroots Greens are angry that their party, steeped in peace movement tradition, is supporting the war at all.

What do you think?
Were NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Clinton Ticks Off Warmonger Blair
- Stop talk of ground troops PM warned
- Hospital and Swedish Embassy hit in latest NATO bomb blunders

GUNG-HO British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been told to cool down talk of ground troops taking Kosovo by force.

The ticking off came from an unlikely source, Blair's best buddy Bill Clinton, US President. Clinton believes Blair, his cabinet colleagues and their plethora of advisers are in danger of splitting the NATO coalition with bellicose talk of armed conflict. "Please get control" was Clinton's message to Blair in a one and a half hour chat on Tuesday.

Clinton, who is keeping a firm eye on his nation's opinion polls, is exercising caution in sending signals of impending full scale conflict out to his countryman. German leader Herr Schroeder has ruled out his country's participation in a ground attack, labelling the tactic a 'British obsession'.

In a fresh move Italy's dove-ish leader Massimo D'Alema wants a pause in the air war to give precious time for a peace deal to be struck.

In Belgrade NATO bombs blundered their way into a hospital killing four. Later the Swedish Embassy was struck in a separate Allied attack.

What do you think?
Should ground troops have been used in the war against Yugoslavia?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

'We Want Answers'
- Chinese students in protest outside London's US Embassy

CHINESE STUDENTS are mounting a mass demonstration outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, central London.

In excess of a thousand people are expected to protest at the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade last weekend. Organiser Jin Xuan Yu has called for a full independent investigation into the attack.

The bodies of the three journalists killed in the embassy blast along with 20 injured personnel have arrived back in Beijing.

It has been revealed that China could join Russia in supplying troops to make up a part of the peacekeeping force being toted by Russia's Balkan envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin.

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

China and Russia Demand Quick Fix for Kosovo
- Russia's Chernomyrdin meets Chinese leaders
- Belgrade reports NATO for breaches of Geneva Convention
- LondonNet Comment: A Blunder Too Far Takes us to The Brink

FOLLOWING the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade - the West's biggest blunder since the Second World War - Russia's Balkan envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin arrives in China for crisis talks.

The two permanent members of the United Nations Security Council will discuss tactics to force NATO to a peace deal over Kosovo. It is thought the pair will no longer stand by as NATO bombs Yugoslavia.

As a measure of the crisis it is reported that China's President Jiang Zemin refused to take a call over the escalating crisis from a desperate-to-atone Bill Clinton.

Yugoslavia is commencing legal proceedings against 10 NATO countries - including Britain - for breaches of the Geneva Convention.

The accusations will be heard by the International Court of Justice. Belgrade will seek to halt NATO air strikes in the region and ask for damages for the assaults to date. Their lawyers will claim that the Allied powers have failed to observe the remit of the 1949 Geneva Convention which requires signatories to avoid civilian casualties during conflict.

Belgrade argues that the weapons used - including anti-personnel cluster bombs - and the nature of the targeting contravene this requirement. Further complaint will be made of the use of depleted uranium weapons which can cause long term environmental damage.

- LondonNet Comment: A Blunder Too Far Takes us to The Brink

When this crazy war started 47 days ago we were led to believe that it would be short and sharp. Miracle smart bombs would rain down from the sky and President Milosevic would see the error of his ways and return on his knees to the negotiating table.

Ha, ha bloody ha ha.

Anyone with an ounce of sense knew that this misjudged mission was doomed from the start. What few realised then was just how far it would push the world to the brink of a global war. Only the continuing incompetence of a blundering military machine such as NATO's could have facilitated such a breakdown of the 'new world order' in such a haphazard fashion.

We have long heard of how the Warsaw Pact countries of old could never really muster a full scale assault on the West. For all the Cold War talk of the the Communist threat, in reality their aged machinery could do little but maintain a stand-off in the arms race they entered with their bullish western foes.

What no one told us was how inadequate our own military preparations were. It is now clear Western countries have created the most expensive folly of our time: NATO. Trillions of dollars of defence spending mean little when those who head up this monstrosity show the morality of a hyena and the sense of geography of a lemming.

Really, forget spy satellites and field agents didn't anyone think to check Belgrade's A to Z or the local phone book before targeting the embassy representing a quarter of the world's population.

Ever ones to deflect responsibility, those jesters at Brussels NATO HQ must surely be trying on one joke too far if they expect us to believe that their mis-targeting was a result of bad information from a Serb double-agent. This from the same military force whose map reading skills led to the bombing of the wrong city, in the wrong country when a bomb hit Sofia, Bulgaria on April 29.

So forget such weak-kneed propaganda and instead pose yourself this question following the bombing of the Chinese Embassy, Belgrade. Short of pressing the red button can anyone think of a quicker way to precipitate a nuclear crisis?

Refugees Forced Into Prostitution
- UN warns of new Kosovo heartache

REFUGEES from the Kosovo warzone are being forced into prostitution warns the United Nations today.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata says that gangs in Albania are exploiting the human chaos to smuggle young women and girls over the border. They are then held against their will in countries within the European Union and forced to work as prostitutes.

"Human traffickers are a serious threat" says Ogata.

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

NATO's First Casualties
- Two 'Apache' aircrew killed in helicopter crash

NATO HAS revealed details of it's first casualties during a six week campaign that has devastated Yugoslavia.

Two as yet unnamed Apache crew died when their attack helicopter crashed during training in Albania. The Apaches are being used to target Serb ground forces in Kosovo and beyond.

It was the second Apache to crash in the pat month. Both crew members in the previous accident escaped with bruises.

The news comes as President Bill Clinton arrives in the Balkans for a morale boosting visit.

BBC News Chief in Serb Death Threat
- Anonymous caller claims Dando first, news supremo Tony Hall next
- Russia's Chernomyrdin offers new hope of peace in Balkans

A BBC SPOKESMAN has alleged that their Chief Executive of News, Tony Hall has received a death threat from a caller claiming to represent a Serb death squad.

"We killed Jill Dando. We will kill Tony Hall next" the caller is claimed to have said in a call to the corporation.

The BBC has been criticised for its reporting of the Balkan war. Most criticism has come from the those opposed to the war who complain that its regular bulletins feature a selection of Nato and MOD propoganda briefs. Their flagship in depth news show Panorama has rearranged its schedule to broadcast a series of 'loaded' features on the war.

On the other hand the BBC's John Simpson came under fire for his 'sympathetic' reports from Belgrade, which showed that civilian support for the war had galvanised following the bombing of their city.

In the latest 'conspiracy theory' to hit the internet, many suspicious surfers believe Dando was killed by Serb sympathisers. They suggest the broadcaster, who was 'executed' with a single shot to the head outside her Fulham home was the subject of a revenge killing following the Nato attack on a Serb TV building in Belgrade last week.

Other believe it is more likely that Nato/establishment based opportunists are riding the crest of national feeling following Dando's death to gain popularity for their increasingly unpopular war by blaming Serbs. They recall that eighty-five per cent of murder victims know their assailants.

Russia's Foreign Minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin has agreed a fresh proposal for peace in the Balkans with UN chiefs and will now present his plans to Nato leaders.

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Nato Takes Its Gloves Off
- Serb TV Station hit, up to fifteen dead
- US denies illegal assassination attempt as leader's house hit

NATO LEADERS, bitter at the failure of their four week bombing campaign, appear to have ditched war time conventions in an attempt to successfully escallate the conflict.

Desperate to gather momentum toward a land based invasion of Yugoslavia Nato's range of targets is broadening. Yesterday US military spokesman denied that the bombing of one of Serb leader Milosevic's houses, 15 Uzicka Street, in a Belgrade suburb was an assassination attempt. Such activities are expressly prohibited under both US and international law and as such constitute capital war crimes. Neither Milosevic nor his family were injured in the attack which Nato referred to as a 'legitimate target'.

As Nato leaders gathered in Washington, their forces further demonstrated their 'gloves-off' war policy with an attack on a Yugoslav TV station. The bombing which took place overnight, killed up to 15 journalists, broadcasters and support staff.

Meanwhile Nato was cautiously studying yet another proposal to end the war, this time prised out of Milosevic by peacemaker Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russia's Balkan envoy. Under this plan an international presence would be established in Kosovo under UN auspices.

What do you think?
Should NATO countries use ground troops in the war against Serbia?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Kosovo Kids Aided by Diana's Helping Hand
- Princess's Memorial Fund makes donation to Albanian youths

PRINCESS DIANA's Memorial Fund, the charity set up after her death in Paris twenty months ago, is set to make a large contribution to an organisation helping refugee kids from Kosovo.

The initial 450 000 UKP donation will be split between Albanian Youth Action and the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. Contributions to the former will help refugee children in Britain who witnessed atrocities. More money has been promised:

"These grants are only the beginning. These grants can bring hope to shattered lives." Said the Fund's chief executive Dr Andrew Purkis.

NATO Concedes Possible Culpability for Refugee Bombing
- Allies accept that attack on refugee convoy 'could have been caused' by them

SHAME FACED NATO leaders have conceded that yesterday's bombing of a refugee convoy in Kosovo 'could have been caused' by NATO aircraft.

However, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea and Defence Secretary George Robertson declared that Yugoslav leader Milosevic held responsibility for the attack. This was because he had escalated the Kosovo problem to the point that NATO 'had no other choice' but to bomb Yugoslavia.

Despite the posturing it is likely that the refugee killing, which left between 20 to 70 dead (according to whose figures you believe), will increase calls for a peace deal.

Following Monday's attack on a passenger train Germany had already begun to galvanise the coalition to come up with an acceptable agreement which could see an end to the increasingly disastrous campaign. Moves toward peace will surely now hasten.

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

NATO Turns to Russia for Balkan Help
- Cook and Albright want Russian soldiers to join Kosovo peace-keepers
- Michael Jackson dedicates his new single for Kosovo's refugee children

MADELAINE ALBRIGHT will meet Russia's Igor Ivanov today in a bid to find a solution to NATO's Balkan balls-up.

The US Secretary of State, meeting her Russian counterpart in Oslo, has said she is keen to establish what the 'common approach can be' between the two nations. Britain's under fire Foreign Secretary has admitted that Russian troops may have to form part of any 'peace-keeping' force sent in to Kosovo.

News continues to emerges of yesterday's train bombing in which a 'rogue' NATO bomb wiped out a passenger train, killing at least 10 Yugoslavs and injuring many more. Many casualties occurred when two carriages from the stricken train fell into a ravine. NATO said two missiles were fired at the bridge near Leskovac as it was a 'an important military supply line'.

Pop singer Michael Jackson has dedicated his latest single,What More Can I Give?, to the refugee children of Kosovo. The 40 year old star said 'I feel so sad when I see the pictures of those poor kids. It makes me cry every day. I just want to go over there and hug every one of them."

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

Show Western Programmes, Or Else
- NATO makes bizarre demand to Serb broadcasters

NATO's BATTLE for the homeland of Albanian Kosovars has now switched to a battle for the hearts and minds of Serbs.

In a bizarre demand, ringing with authoritarian overtones, NATO has decreed that Yugoslav broadcasters should show a minimum of 6 hours of Western based TV every day. This is intended to 'educate' Serbs and Montenegrins to the wrongdoings of their armed forces in the Kosovo region.

It is noted that NATO has not offered to show 6 hours of Yugoslav TV on its member states channels.

LondonNet Comment: Freedom is early casualty in NATO's pursuit of victory

Long ago before the advent of television, war artists would record scenes of battles for posterity. Then came war reporting with film cameras - newsreel style. Whether showing Allies, NAZIs or the Red Army these were delivered to an anxious public with scenes cut, edited and stylised to maximum propaganda effect.

With TV came a clear picture of the horror of war, in an instant. This was most evident in the roller coaster ride that was Vietnam. In subsequent conflicts, such as The Falklands and The Gulf, military leaders manipulated and controlled images in an attempt to produce films which fused the propaganda purpose of the NAZI flicks with the flamboyant imagery of Top Gun.

Now the world's leading military forces, masquerading under the auspices of NATO, have gone one step further in the rush to control what ordinary citizens see. They now not only want to dictate and supervise images delivered to their own people but also those shown to the enemy.

Indeed NATO's leaders say that they won't stop bombing Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro until their TV shows are broadcast on all Yugoslav channels.

It is easy to guess how many fingers the Yugoslavs will use in response to this latest and most strange NATO request. For if anything is likely to stiffen the resolve of Yugoslavia's war weary folk it is the prospect of wall to wall CNN (read Compliant NATO News) interrupted only with ancient episodes of Dallas.

If this war really is about freedom, let us consider what freedoms we ourselves, and others, are asked to sacrifice in pursuit of victory.

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

LondonNet Comment: Bomber Blair's Third Way

On entering office the UK's Foreign Secretary Robin Cook promised an 'ethical foreign policy'. Instead we have witnessed the most bloodthirsty administration since the gung-ho Winston Churchill era. Difference was in those days our own soil was actually threatened... more
'NATO/Serbia' Comment

'NATO/Serbia' Archive News: Previous news on the Kosovo problem from LondonNet

What do you think?
Are NATO countries right to bomb Serbia over autonomy for Kosovo?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

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