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Clintongate : LondonNet Comment

This special LondonNet feature brings you the main points of the Starr Report, reaction from London and links to other important "Clintongate" web pages

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Clinton Hoist by His Own Petard
Comment by LondonNet Editor David Clee

These were the words that greeted unsuspecting visitors to London's Leicester Square this weekend: "Hi. We're from American television. Could you tell us what you think of the Bill Clinton situation?"

Nice to have you in town, guys, but where were you when it really mattered?

Why wait to ask what we think when the issue in hand is what a distant leader does with the most private parts of his anatomy? When Clinton is up to something that has public reverberations all over the globe, such as sending the killers into Afghanistan and Sudan, or standing idly by while the world economy teeters on the brink of collapse, American TV crews aren't exactly queuing up to garner our choice words.

But let's not be too hard on the media's obsession with individuals over policy. Clinton has brought it all on himself. Not so much because the leader of the West couldn't keep himself out of Monica's north and south* but because he has been instrumental in individualising the whole area of social policy and politics, a strategy he has unfortunately passed on to cooing lickspittle Tony Blair, our own Prime Minister.

Clinton's contribution to progressive political thought has been to sound egalitarian by pushing conservative, middle class ideas of individual responsibility down to the lower orders. In other words he has connived in cutting welfare. Now the man who thinks the rest of society should be run by rewarding talent and effort and penalising sloth and idiocy wants us all to forgive the fact he was a bad husband, a bad lover (surely the only man to offer sore knees as an excuse for lack of performance) and a bad liar.

Abide by your own meritocratic strictures, Bill, give those knees a rest, and stand down. Al Gore might not be good copy for TV crews hoping for expenses paid trips to London, but at least his lack of personality might just force the news hounds to focus on the big issues and might give your party a chance to win the next presidential elections.

* Cockney rhyming slang for 'mouth'.

15 September 1998

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