Clintongate : Details of the Kenneth Starr Report. Will President Bill Clinton pay the ultimate price for his -inappropriate relationship- with Monica Lewinsky? Reaction from Britain


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Clintongate : Special LondonNet Feature

This special LondonNet feature brings you the main points of the Starr Report, reaction from London and links to other important "Clintongate" web pages

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Reaction to the Starr Report from Britain and Abroad

"My people want me to go on."
President Bill Clinton, 16 September 1998

"If the Prime Minister cannot say anything sensible, he should not say anything. That goes for his sidekicks. Because people who give blank cheques to their "friends" have a terrible habit of going bust."
Paul Routledge, Newspaper columnist, 15 September 1998

"The Prime Minister doesn't dump people because some report appears on the Internet. The Prime Minister is not a fair weather friend and whether people like it or not, that's the way he operates"
10 Downing Street Spokesperson, Prime Minister Blair's office, 14 September 1998

"If Bill goes he'll just be replaced by some squeaky clean but 2nd-rate right wing religious zealot with no known genitalia."
Tony Parsons, Newspaper columnist, 14 September 1998

"The heart of the matter is personal: the President's personal judgement and his lack of shame. This is where the personal and the political overlap. The outcome should be decided not by the constitutional and legal machinery of impeahment but by Mr Clinton's personal honour; he should consider whether his resignation would be in the interests of the Presidency, the nation and the world."
The Independent Newspaper, Lead Article, 11 September 1998

"Monica Lewinsky may be an unstable young woman desperate for love. Kenneth Starr, the special Prosecutor, may be driven by political ambition to bring down the President. But only one person is responsible for the mess Bill Clinton is in. And that is Bill Clinton"
The Mirror Newspaper, Lead Article, 11 September 1998

"Night is coming for the Clinton's. And they cannot sleep for worry. Nor whatever is left of their conscience."
Anton Antonowicz, Newspaper columnist, 11 September 1998

"The Prime Minister regards him as a very close friend and ally of this country and that no other country and that no other President of the US has done more for peace in Northern Ireland than President Clinton."
10 Downing Street Spokesperson, Prime Minister Blair's office, 10 September 1998

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