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The Star ReportClintongate : Special LondonNet Feature

This special LondonNet feature brings you the main points of the Starr Report, reaction from London and links to other important "Clintongate" web pages

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Clinton Books and Videos: Selection of books providing in depth information into the Starr investigation of President Clinton. Plus a chance to buy the video of Clinton's evidence to the Grand Jury.
Clintongate Comment: "Clinton Hoist by His Own Petard" , LondonNet Editor David Clee
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Reaction from London What Brits say about the crisis
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Friday 11 September: Kenneth Starr's longwinded and stinging report into the activities of President Bill Clinton published.

The key allegations centre around 21 year old intern Monica Lewinsky. The report claims:
- Clinton did have a sexual relationship with the intern.
- Clinton committed perjury when he lied on oath to deny the intern affair in the Paula Jones hearings.
- Clinton encouraged Monica, his associates and friends and family to cover up the relationship for him.
- Clinton used his office to aid his campaign of obstruction against the Starr report.
The report claims to include 11 instances of abuse of power including perjury.

The Starr Report is published on the internet. Click here for access to the official site for the report and other related information and sites.

Clintongate News

Monica Hits Town
- Lewinsky starts book signing tour at Harrods

MONICA LEWINSKY begins a book signing tour of Britain at London's Harrods store today.

The former White House intern makes the appearances fresh on the back of TV interviews last week. Talking to ITN's John Snow she revealed the investigation into her 'affair' with President Bill Clinton almost pushed her toward suicide.

The book, Monica's Story, was penned by Princess Diana biographer Andrew Morton. The initial print run of 100,000 is unprecedented for a hardback. It appears Lewinsky needs the book to sell fast:

"Therapy is not cheap" she said.

Clinton's Democrat's Celebrate Stalemate
- Post-Monica Republican gains fail to materialise in US congressional elections
- Impeachment threat recedes for Comeback Kid

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton will be delighted with the results of the mid term congressional elections which took place across the USA Tuesday.

Although his Democrat Party lost a few seats, the Republican landslide many had predicted simply failed to materialise. The Republicans retain their majorities in the House of Representatives (lower house) and Senate (upper house) but without any clear mandate to pursue their impeachment proceedings against Clinton.

The President, already known as the 'comeback kid', has rarely recovered from adversity with such force. Just weeks ago his testimony to the Grand Jury about Monica Lewinsky was broadcast around the globe to a transfixed population. Despite sustained and lurid questioning prosecutors it appears to have had little impact on his buoyant popularity. (4/11/98)

Short Shrift for Clinton
- UK minister hits out at US President

BRITISH government minister Clare Short has upset the cosy relationship between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair by launching a scathing attack on the US President over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

"A politician who has told that many lies is not fit to be leader," Short said. Short's outburst is sure to anger Blair, who has made a point of backing the under fire President ever since the Lewinsky scandal broke.

American politicians yesterday voted to begin impeachment proceedings against Clinton but Blair has always been determined to support his Third Way ally, believing that Clinton's success paved the way for his own electoral triumph last year.

Short, the Minister for Overseas Development is no stranger to controversy. In previous broadsides she has argued for the legalisation of cannabis and recently told poverty stricken third world countries that lack of cash is not their major problem. (9/10/98)

British Government Awash with Clinton Jokes
- Private jibes okay but aides ban Brown from public quip

BRITISH finance minister Gordon Brown was banned from including a Bill Clinton joke in his speech at the Labour Party Conference, it has been revealed. But this hasn't stopped Clinton jokes becoming all the rage at Blackpool, at least in private.

Brown had planned to quip: "There will be no left turns, no right turns, no U-turns, and no interns," but was told this would be too offensive to Americans and removed the naughty nugget from his final text.

Behind the scenes, however, much hilarity is being had at the US President's expense. The following rib ticklers have all apparently been told by leading members of the government over the last few days:

Why is a monarchy better than a presidential system?
- Because you only have to get down on one knee for the Queen.

Clinton's got a new girlfriend and has already started buying her presents.
- He's splashed out on a new dress.

Why did Clinton dash off to Russia after the crisis broke?
- Because he'd heard the whole country was on its knees.

For more Clinton jokes click here ............

Video Not-so Nasty Fails To Damage Clinton
- President retains support following global Grand Jury broadcast
- World leaders lend a helping hand to under fire Clinton

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton's campaign against impeachment appears strengthened following the global broadcast of his Grand Jury testimony.

"The Survivor", as aides call him, looked calm and composed giving evidence. Despite lurid questions from Kenneth Starr's prosecuting team, the President maintained his dignity and manoeuvred his way around the most tricky enquiries.

As the shockwaves of Clinton's strong performance reverberated around the world, public support remained steady, stock markets recovered and talk of resignation waned.

It now seems the only option open for blood lust Republicans is a full scale impeachment hearing. This is unlikely to take place before November's elections and its prospect of success will largely depend on Democrat performance in the polls. In more than two centuries of US constitutional history, no incumbent President has been successfully impeached.

World leaders attending yesterday's UN meeting gave President Bill Clinton a standing ovation and urged him to return his administration's focus to the world economy and international terrorism. Delegates included Bill's best buddy, UK Premier Tony Blair, and South African President Nelson Mandela. (22/9/98)

Lights, Camera, Action

Clinton's Grand Jury video nasty set for worldwide broadcast

THE eyes of the world will be focused today on President Clinton's testimony to the Whitewater Grand Jury.

The global broadcast got the go ahead last Friday from a bi-partisan Senate committee voting along party lines. Republicans are keen to maintain the Monicagate pressure on Clinton and see the video as the logical next step in their impeachment campaign.

Keeping the issue at the top of the media agenda also does no harm to the Party's campaign for November's elections.

Beginning of the end for President as Gore withdraws support

The signs are that senior Democrats are beginning to withdraw support for the President too. They are increasingly concerned about the prospect of a wipeout in the forthcoming polls.

Vice-President Al Gore told a New Hampshire newspaper he thought his boss's actions were "indefensible". Although he did not go so far as saying he wanted Clinton to resign.

PM Blair heads for New York to be at Clinton's side

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is bound for New York where later today he will meet the under fire President at a political seminar. Blair has already been criticised for aligning himself so closely with the beleaguered US premier. (21/9/98)

Republicans Demand Video Release
- Calls to make public film of Clinton's Grand Jury testimony

Senior Republican congressmen are arguing that video footage of Bill Clinton taken during the President's Grand Jury testimony should be released to the public.

They say that the public needs to evaluate not just the words said by Clinton but the manner in which he delivered them. So far their attempts to force the release of the film have not succeeded, but in time the President's camp may feel it is better to appear co-operative and accept the move.

"I knew that the rules were against it but I knew it would happen" said the President.

Meanwhile Bill Clinton continues to "get on with business" in his efforts to ride out the affair. (17/9/98)

Clinton Hoist by His Own Petard
Comment by LondonNet Editor David Clee (15 September 1998)

These were the words that greeted unsuspecting visitors to London's Leicester Square this weekend: "Hi. We're from American television. Could you tell us what you think of the Bill Clinton situation?" (more...)

Pressure Eases On Clinton
- American public remain loyal to Slick Willy

UNDER fire US President Bill Clinton received a boost over the weekend as snap polls indicated little drop-off in support for his administration.

They show that some of the US electorate actually sympathise with Clinton, following the lurid allegations made against him in the Starr Report, published Friday. Even Prosecutor Kenneth Starr was forced to publish an apology for the use of explicit sexual references which saturate his controversial report.

Londoners remain transfixed by goings on stateside as the drama unfolds. UK based newspapers, television and radio are featuring extensive coverage of the investigation and its aftermath.

- Blair warned to cool "special friendship" with US President

Meanwhile UK premier, Tony Blair is under pressure to cool his "special friendship" with the US President. The two "new radical" leaders have enjoyed a warm buddy buddy relationship which approaches the mutual adoration displayed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the eighties.

But the speed of the Prime Minister's message of support for Clinton, following Friday's publication of the Starr Report, led commentators here to warn that a more pragmatic approach should be taken. Indeed Blair's imminent trip to the USA has already been amended to include meetings with Vice-President Al Gore. Maybe the PM will strike up an even more cordial friendship with Gore. After all both represent the "squeaky clean in marital bliss" end of the political spectrum. (14/9/98)

Blair Backs Clinton, Sort Of
- PM could down grade US visit

TONY BLAIR is one of the few politicians still prepared back Bill Clinton, but even the British premier is having cold feet about making that support too public.

Blair is due in the US next week for the latest in a string of pally link-ups between the two political allies but aides have hinted that planned public meetings will now be replaced by private talks. Blair said that Clinton remained "a very close friend and ally of this country" but Downing Street sources would merely say that their boss "hoped" to meet Clinton next week.

Meanwhile British actress Joan Collins has slammed Clinton not for his infidelities or lies but because of his taste in women. "Clinton will always be remembered for bonking trailer trash," the classy star of soft porn flick The Stud said. (11/9/98)

Did MI6 Kill Diana?

We examine the evidence in a special LondonNet feature. Our award winning pages have been featured in the press worldwide and on TV in the USA, UK and Germany.

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