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Harry Potter Book Fever Starts (and Finishes) Here
- Last book in the series set to break sales records

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Copyright Warner Bros.HARRY POTTER fans get to spend the weekend finding out what happens to their hero in the last instalment of the seven book series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is launched at midnight on Friday night.

The first place to be for the most ardent young (and old) wizards is Waterstones bookshop on Piccadilly where a queue that started on Tuesday will, from 9pm, be treated to a queue party, with visits from magicians, characters from the books and a variety of games and quizzes.

Plenty of other bookshops around town are hosting Harry Potter events, too, and Deathly Hallows is expected to break sales records across the country and all over the world, as has the latest edition of the film series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. The Royal Mail says it will deliver 600,000 copies of the book on Saturday morning.

The good news for book-buyers is that there is a price-war over Deathly Hallows. ASDA are to sell it for UKP5, way under the official cover price of UKP17.99 and Amazon, Waterstone’s and WH Smith are all pricing it at UKP8.99.

Author JK Rowling admitted she felt low after finishing the final chapter, but eventually her feelings turned to relief. She said: "I felt terrible for a week. The first two days in particular, it was like a bereavement, even though I was pleased with the book.

"Finishing it is emotional because the books have been so wrapped up with my life. It's almost impossible not to finish and look back to where I was when I started.

"And then after a week that cloud lifted and I felt quite light-hearted, quite liberated."

Despite the rain, let’s hope that’s how the brave people in the queue feel after they’ve secured their copy.

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