London New Archives: June 2006

Sprite Urban Games Dances, Rides and Skates onto Clapham Common
Air Guitar the latest entry into annual multiple event spectacular - 30/06/06
Ken Plans New Housing Scheme for Families
Mayor to get new powers from the government to build homes - 29/06/06
Yoko Ono Beams into St. Paul’s
New work by artist displayed at cathedral is feature of the City of London Festival - 28/06/06
Charles Costs Three and a Half Pence a Year
New figures show Prince receives less direct from taxpayer than last year - 27/06/06
Rain and Rows... It's Wimbledon
Venus Williams and Tessa Jowell serve volleys at lack of pay parity - 26/06/06
Tent City and New Rating Scheme for Olympics
Parks to house thousands, hotels to upgrade, says Tourism Minister - 23/06/06
2,000 Kids Prepare Invasion of Buckingham Palace
Queen hosts fantasy bash to help celebrate her 80th birthday - 22/06/06
Water Leaks Slammed in Government Report
Thames Water fingered as ‘contributing to shortages’ - 21/06/06
Reeves and Bullock Make Time for Leicester Square The Lake House premiere sees the two stars reveal that, like their characters, they swap letters - 20/06/06
Congestion Charge Rules Eased
Forgetful drivers given an extra day to pay up - 19/06/06
Scouts to Sleepover in London Dungeon
Darkness to fall as terror rises for group of fund-raising kids - 16/06/06
Celebration of Food at Regent’s Park
Taste of London brings together London’s top chefs, restaurants and drinks - 15/06/06
Mayor Told to Raise Congestion Charge to Twenty Pounds
New variable rate for gas-guzzlers would raise money for other transport schemes - 14/06/06
World Cup Defeat for England Games
No more football at Canary Wharf big screen after trouble - 13/06/06
Support for Met Chief Withers Away
De Menezes inquiry leak adds to pressure on Blair - 12/06/06
Cuban Carnival Take Over on the South Bank
Music, dance and food to create a little slice of Havana - 09/06/06
Museum Splashes Out on Darwin Collection
One million spent on world’s biggest treasury of work by the father of evolution - 08/06/06
Traffic Delays Worse in Other Cities
Post-Congestion Charge London suffers fewer delays than UK rivals - 07/06/06
London Airports Take-Over to Fuel Lower Fares
Changes in ownership and regulation could force the cost issue - 06/06/06
Big Ben Bell Silenced
Fourth-quarter ring taken out of service for essential repair work - 05/06/06
23 Year Old Shot in Police Raid
Two Arrested in Huge Forest Gate Anti-terrorism Operation - 02/06/06
Roundhouse Returns with Spectacular Show
Famous Camden theatre back on the scene after 23 years - 01/06/06