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Diana: No Conspiracy, no cover-up, says Lord Stevens
- Report trashes conspiracy theories into the deaths of Princess and Dodi Al Fayed

Diana: No Conspiracy, no cover-up, says Lord Stevens"THERE was no conspiracy and there was no cover up." So said former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens in today's unveiling of his report into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed.

Instead, the former Metropolitan Police chief said the car-crash deaths of the two lovers were an accident, caused most directly by driver Henri Paul, who was driving at twice the speed limit through a Paris road tunnel and whose blood showed a level of alcohol at double the British legal limit.

"I am confident on the evidence we have that a full and comprehensive picture is there," said Stevens.

"I have no doubt speculation will continue and there are some matters about which we will never find the answer. However I do not believe that any evidence exists that can substantiate a conspiracy to murder."

Stevens ticked off some of the main clues used by conspiracy theorists. Some have argued that Princess Diana was pregnant and that the British establishment did not want a Muslim baby a few steps away from the throne.

But Stevens said: "The Princess was not pregnant," citing blood tests conducted by his team. On the related theory that Diana and Dodi were engaged, Stevens was equally as adamant. "She was not engaged," he said, although he did also say Dodi had, on the afternoon of the accident, purchased a ring for Diana.

Of the run-up to the doomed drive, Stevens pointed out that Dodi's and Diana's plans were changed late in the day, that Henri Paul was told he would be driving only an hour beforehand and that the decision to travel in the specific Mercedes was taken at the last minute.

All those factors leads Stevens to the conclusion that, "there was no opportunity for anyone to put into action any plan."

One of the "matters about which we will never find the answer" referred to by Stevens is the mysterious Fiat Uno, the car which evidence suggests may have been hit by the Mercedes in the tunnel.

"It is very unlikely we shall find the driver of the car," said Stevens, but he dismissed ideas that the Uno was driven by James Andanson, a man said by some to be a secret agent, who later committed suicide.

"We are satisfied he was at home with his wife on Saturday 31st August before flying to Corsica," said Stevens.

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