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Es Are Bad for 40,000 Pill-Popping Record Holder
- Severe memory loss for man deemed 'an exceptional case' by Tooting hospital

Es Are Bad for 40,000 Pill-Popping Record HolderA MAN known only as Mr A took 40,000 ecstasy pills in a nine-year period, thought to be a world record, reports St. Georges Medical School in Tooting, south London.

He came to us after deciding that he couldn't go on any more, said Dr Christos Kouimtsidis, a consultant psychiatrist at the medical school. "He was having trouble functioning in everyday life."

The figure of 40,000 is a guestimate based partly on Mr As admission that for the last few years of his nine-year habit, he was taking 25 pills a day. The previous recognised world record intake is thought to be 2,000 pills, a long way short of the extraordinary amount ingested by Mr A.

"This was an exceptional case," said Kouimtsidis. "His long- term memory was fine but he could not remember day to day things - the time, the day, what was in his supermarket trolley. More worryingly, he did not seem aware himself that he had these memory problems."

Mr A was also a heavy cannabis user. The hospital found that when he stopped taking cannabis his paranoia decreased, but the memory loss more associated with ecstasy remained. Some studies from the US suggest that over time heavy users of ecstasy do regain their memories, but the team at Tooting were unable to test this theory.

"We continued to support him, but he started to use cannabis again and he dropped out," said Kouimtsidis. "We tried to re-engage him but we lost him about a year ago."

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