LondonNet: October News Archive 2004
  • Ice Slide for South Bank
    It's a slippery slope to Christmas - 22/10/04

  • London Drivers are the Worst
    Survey blames driver-stress for poor road record - 21/10/04

  • Knightley is Sexiest Movie Star of All Time
    London teenager beats screen legends in poll - 21/10/04

  • Stars Back University Appeal
    UCL aims for UKP300 million to fund research - 20/10/04

  • Penis Show Needs New Members
    London auditions for genital gymnasts - 20/10/04

  • Ramsay Wins Good Food Award
    But London not be-all-and-end-all, say judges - 19/10/04

  • Shocking Welcome at Buckingham Palace
    Electric fence installed to block Batman return - 18/10/04

  • Harry Faces Cheat Accusations
    Ex-teacher brings case to court today - 15/10/04

  • Forum for Debate Draws Thousands to London
    Anti-war march to top off meeting-filled weekend - 14/10/04

  • Big Freeze On the Way
    Weather experts predict long, cold, winter - 14/10/04

  • Europe Admits: London is Number One
    EU stats put us top of pan-continental league table - 13/10/04

  • Olympic Parade for an Olympic City
    Star athletes and fans to boost London's bid - 13/10/04

  • London Film Festival Kicks Off
    Mike Leigh's latest is first up in movie parade - 12/10/04

  • London Goes Shopping for Shops
    More shops needed to feed a growing city, says the GLA - 11/10/04

  • Time Flies Out the Door
    Exclusive shop is cleaned out by watch thieves - 08/10/04

  • Platform 9 3/4 Best London Movie Moment
    Harry Potter's train stop and a speedboat chase on the Thames outweigh the smorgasbord of London's film repertoire - 07/10/04

  • The Battle for Groceries
    In another quest for business, Tesco boasts its post-grocery curb-to-curb service - 06/10/04

  • London's Top Cop Named
    Ian Blair to replace John Stevens as Met Police Commissioner - 05/10/04

  • Twelve Year Old Arrested In Connection With Abduction
    The strange abduction of a five-year-old on Tuesday grows more bizarre with the arrest of a minor. - 03/10/04

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