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Pet Shop Boys Bring Battle to Trafalgar
- Free film-music concert at square for early autumn

TRAFALGAR Square is to be the site for the world premiere of new film sound track music composed by the Pet Shop Boys. The electronic music duo - most famous for 80s hit West End Girls - have
written a new score for legendary Russian silent movie Battleship Potemkin, directed by Sergei Eisenstein.

"It's wonderful to be given the opportunity to write a complete soundtrack to this classic film and then to perform it as a free concert in the heart of London," said Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant. Battleship Potemkin is regarded by film buffs as one of the most important movies of all time in its powerful use of 'montage' - the juxtaposition of successive images to create meaning and emotional response.

The film concerns a revolt by sailors on the eponymous warship in 1904, which, by the time the film was made in 1925, had become a symbol of revolutionary action. As well as its connections with naval matters - the Battle of Trafalgar
itself - Trafalgar Square has long been one of the main sites in London for political demonstrations and it is this connection which helped make it the
space of choice for the Pet Shop Boys premiere.

"Trafalgar Square is the place for re-imagining the past in terms of the needs of the present," said
Philip Dodd, director of the ICA, which is organising the event. Tennant and partner Chris Lowe will be joined in the square on the 12th of
September by the Dresden Sinfoniker.

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