LondonNet: January News Archive 2003
  • Hit Shows Rock West End
    Surprise success for Contact and Queen - 28/01/03

  • Wallace Simpson Two-Timed Prince of Wales
    Edward was never told of his wife's extra-curricular activity - 27/01/03

  • Kinnock: Euro Referendum is on Hold
    Ex-Labour leader reveals party thinking on currency - 24/01/03

  • New Saatchi Gallery Set for South Bank
    Art patron plans big prize, too - 23/01/03

  • All Change At The National Theatre
    Hytner announces hard hitting new policies - 22/01/03

  • Mayor and Government Go for Olympics
    London bid expected after Livingstone agrees tax deal - 21/01/03

  • Retail Therapy for Oxford Street
    Consultants aim for more satisfying shopping experience - 20/01/03

  • Police Storm Finsbury Park Mosque
    100 officers involved; seven terrorist suspects arrested - 17/01/03

  • West End Tragedy Afoot
    Romeo and Juliet closes early - 16/01/03

  • BBC Plans for War with Al-Jazeera Tie-Up
    Qatar station cuts deal with Britain's broadcaster of record - 15/01/03

  • Police Consider Football Shake Down
    Met consultants favour increased charges for capital's clubs - 14/01/03

  • Mayor Stages Cheap Ticket Scheme
    'Get into London Theatre' Livingstone advises Londoners - 13/01/03

  • New Law Throws Refugees On the Streets
    Asylum seekers add to homeless numbers - 10/01/03

  • Olympic Bid Backed by London MPs
    But government worried about cost of failure - 09/01/03

  • Mayor Agrees to Feed Pigeons
    Compromise ends battle of Trafalgar Square - 08/01/03

  • Congestion Charging is Born
    Dawn of a new era for London motorists - 08/01/03

  • EastEnder Goes West
    Mum's the word for Patsy Palmer - 08/01/03

  • Side Street Fears Drive Tram Campaigners to Ken's Door
    Mayor's West London scheme under the spotlight - 07/01/03

  • Jacobeans Back With A Vengeance
    Long awaited encore for Royal Shakespeare Company - 06/01/03

  • Gangland Fantasies Draw the Crowds
    DiCaprio and Scorcese turn up at London premiere - 03/01/03

  • UK Plays War Games with Iraq
    Reservists called-up as chances of conflict are said to decline - 02/01/03

  • UK Plays War Games with Iraq
    Reservists called-up as chances of conflict are said to decline - 01/01/03

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