LondonNet: November News Archive 2002
  • Paul and Ringo Play for George
    Two former Beatles reunited on anniversary of Harrison's death - 29/11/02

  • Umoja Makes a Final Move
    The spirit of togetherness leaves London - 28/11/02

  • Blaine to do a Houdini in the Thames
    Magician's next scheme includes jump from Tower Bridge - 27/11/02

  • Sleeping Beauty Breathes New Life
    Young Vic theatre wakes up with Norris - 26/11/02

  • Blair Plans Euro Vote for Autumn 2003
    Kennedy fears for his place on the podium in currency referendum - 25/11/02

  • London to Host Miss World
    Ally Pally the venue in wake of Nigerian riots - 22/11/02

  • Cirque du Soleil Shine On
    Circus company back in town - 21/11/02

  • 60,000 Look for Sex in London
    Erotica 2002 opens doors for seventh time - 20/11/02

  • Ballet Buff Brings New Look
    All change at the Royal Opera House - 19/11/02

  • Anne is Guilty in Dog Case
    Princess escapes gaol with UKP500 fine - 18/11/02

  • Golden Jubilees In Theatreland
    Queen attends The Mousetrap on double 50th anniversary - 15/11/02

  • Blair in Broadband Push
    Increased take-up on the table at internet meeting - 14/11/02

  • Queen's Speech to Major on Crime
    New legal measures likely, plus 24 hour drinking - 13/11/02

  • Stage Strutting From Men In Coats
    Comedy act at the New Ambassadors - 13/11/02

  • Potter Puts Spell on the Economy
    Movie tie-in products set to help Britain break Christmas shopping record - 13/11/02

  • An Inspector Calls Again
    Priestly's classic does the rounds - 12/11/02

  • Mime Time Back Again
    Festival licks into shape - 12/11/02

  • Queen Wants Rape Inquiry
    Charles set to announce independent investigation into servant's claims - 11/11/02

  • Oliver's Army Open for Business
    TV chef gives leg up to poor kids at Cheeky Chops restaurant - 08/11/02

  • Tube Caught in Strike Cross-Fire
    Stations and lines closed as FBU go on 48-hour stoppage - 08/11/02

  • Rare Plays Come to the West End
    Little known classics from the RSC - 07/11/02

  • 125th Street Goes the Distance
    New musical extends its run - 07/11/02

  • Hytner Aims Higher
    Theatre director addresses schools - 06/11/02

  • Spencers 'Hopping Mad' With Diana's Butler
    Family found Diana 'unacceptable, Says Burrell - 06/11/02

  • 100 New Acts in London Spotlight
    Marquee to host new Underground Sound festival - 05/11/02

  • Government Websites Slammed as 'Incomprehensible'
    Convoluted jargon is appalling, says report - 04/11/02

  • Harry Potter Could Vanish After Next Movie
    Actor reveals doubts at Chamber of Secrets premiere - 01/11/02

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