LondonNet: March News Archive 2002
  • Wet Wet Wet Star Makes A Splash
    Marti Pellow takes to the stage - 29/03/02

  • Cyberman Scientist 'Steps Into Unknown'
    Critics pan electrode-filled researcher - 28/03/02

  • Law Confronts The Devil
    Jude Law plays Dr Faustus - 27/03/02

  • Cannabis Experiment is Poison for Pushers and Muggers
    Crime figures point to success of liberalisation scheme - 26/03/02

  • William in 'Coming of Age' Movie
    Prince bio-pic set for US TV screens - 22/03/02

  • Strike Drama in Theatreland
    Union votes on action today in bid to improve pay - 21/03/02

  • London Tourism to Take Flight
    More planes means more visitors for beleaguered industry - 20/03/02

  • All Change At The Almeida
    Small theatre shows its worth - 19/03/02

  • Fraud Hits London Theatres
    Industry wakes up to UKP400 million worth of scams - 18/03/02

  • Cannabis Grows on Police
    Met concentrates on hard drugs as pot heads for lighter legal touch - 15/03/02

  • RSC Comes Full Circle
    Adrian Noble back at the Roundhouse - 14/03/02

  • Film History For Sale
    Movie props go under the hammer at Sotheby's - 13/03/02

  • London - the Developed World's Fastest Growing City
    Infrastructure investment needed now, says Mayor - 12/03/02

  • London the Dirty Old Town
    Only Athens is worse in EU, says survey - 11/03/02

  • Water on Tap for Drugged-Up Clubbers
    Government moves to encourage safety measures - 08/03/02

  • Constant Wife Woos the Apollo
    Hall takes on the West End - 08/03/02

  • Airline: 'We've Got Too Many Men On Board'
    British European blame blokes for weight problems - 07/03/02

  • Walk-Outs Afoot for the RSC
    Edward Hall leaves, Noble 'pissed off' - 07/03/02

  • Air Traffic Takes Off
    Passenger numbers on the rise following post-September 11 collapse - 07/03/02

  • Margaret and the Ambassador's Daughter
    Denials over book's claim that Princess had lesbian lover - 06/03/02

  • Diana Nude Scene Cut
    Channel 4 opera shelves plans for male fantasy shots - 05/03/02

  • Material Girl Up For Grabs
    Theatre goers prepare for Madonna - 04/03/02

  • Fiennes For the National
    The English Patient gets psycho-dramatic - 03/03/02

  • New Airport Planned for London
    Byers considers Thames estuary site, aliens could lie in wait - 01/03/02

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