LondonNet: June News Archive 2002
  • New Number From Caryl
    Churchill's play comes to Royal Court - 28/06/02

  • Getty Gives Millions to St. Paul's
    Restoration can go ahead after huge donation - 27/06/02

  • Breath Of Life For West End
    Hare's new play comes to town - 26/06/02

  • Cruise Crashes Samba Party
    Movie star and Brazil fans come together on Leicester Square - 25/06/02

  • Queen Musical Tops Theatre Charts
    Box office buoyant despite critical mauling - 24/06/02

  • Monet and Picasso Go for Millions
    Art auctions break records - 21/06/02

  • US TV Slammed for 'Offensive' William Show
    Prince to be portrayed as drug-taking drunk in Fox TV drama - 20/06/02

  • The Rhapsody Continues
    We Will Rock You extends booking - 19/06/02

  • Rod Gets Royal Dressing Down
    BBC camera crew kicked out of Ascot enclosure after Queen spots casual clothes - 18/06/02

  • Stars Rise and Shine for Bombay Dreams
    Bollywood set to wake up the West End - 17/06/02

  • Bombay Dreams Opens to Ticket Worries
    Lloyd Webber admits lack of advance sales - 14/06/02

  • Business Boost for Eurostar
    Cross-channel train service goes yet more up market - 13/06/02

  • Street Crime Success For the Met
    'London has turned the corner,' says police chief - 12/06/02

  • West End Rose Rage
    Edward Hall goes it alone - 12/06/02

  • 'Riotous' Mayor No Longer Has Our Respect, Say Rivals
    Livingstone faces the Stairgate heat - 11/06/02

  • Bombay Dreams For RSC director
    Steven Pimlott looks to AR Rahman - 06/06/02

  • Bourne Again Christmas
    British choreographer revamps the Nutcracker - 06/06/02

  • Beckham Takes Place on Trafalgar Square
    Model of England captain goes alongside Nelson and his column - 05/06/02

  • Big Ben Was September 11 Target, Claims New Book
    Al-Qaeda 'planned to blow Houses of Parliament away' - 05/06/02

  • Arise Sir Mick
    Rumours circulate that Jagger will be knighthood this weekend - 04/06/02

  • Sun Shines on Golden Parade
    Jubilee celebrations bathed in light and royalist sentiment - 03/06/02

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