LondonNet: July News Archive 2002
  • Cannabis Rules Tightened in Lambeth
    Smoke dope in public and you face arrest - 25/07/02

  • Airport Plans 'Flawed and Rigged', Say Environmentalists
    - Friends of the Earth are enemies of the skyward leanings of Government - 24/07/02

  • Officials Choked on Chaplin Knighthood
    Sex and politics troubled mandarins - 23/07/02

  • Couch Potatoes Get On Stage
    SMTV hunts viewers for talent - 22/07/02

  • School Disco Goes Open Air
    Grown up kids take to Clapham Common - 19/07/02

  • George Michael Won't Go Back to US
    Worried singer leaves LA mansion and boyfriend for safer UK - 18/07/02

  • Hare On Stage in Middle-East Play
    Via Dolorosa is back again - 18/07/02

  • Ozzy Leads Brit Assault on Emmys
    Veteran rocker joined by cream of UK actors for TV awards - 18/07/02

  • Cabaret Takes Over the Town
    Mean fiddler revamp West End cinema - 17/07/02

  • London Town is Toon Town
    Cartoon images on sale at new gallery - 17/07/02

  • The Spy Who Loved Madonna
    Bond brings in Queen of Pop for new film - 16/07/02

  • London Calling DiCaprio
    Titanic star set to team up with Spiderman for West End show - 16/07/02

  • Duncan Smith Guns for Brixton Experiment
    Tory leader to slam new approach to cannabis - 15/07/02

  • Judges to Rule on Road-Pricing
    Council takes Livingstone scheme to court on environmental grounds - 15/07/02

  • Kensington Palace to Go Public
    Charles said to back plans for new royal museum - 12/07/02

  • Frozen Melts Hearts
    New play at the National captivates audiences - 11/07/02

  • London Gets New Forest
    Tree planting scheme kick-started at Pages Wood - 10/07/02

  • Abigail's Party On Again
    Hampstead houses Mike Leigh classic - 09/07/02

  • Thatcher is Beheaded
    Marble statue decapitated in attack - 08/07/02

  • No Stopping Stoppard
    Tom pens a trilogy - 05/07/02

  • Doctor Livingstone, I Presume
    Mayor injects ignorance into MMR debate - 03/07/02

  • Geldof's Rat Pack Backs the Pound
    Stars line up to campaign against Britain using the euro - 02/07/02

  • Harrelson Pays Taxi Repair Bill
    Cheers star gets charges dropped - 01/07/02

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