LondonNet: September News Archive 2001
  • Big Dada Gets First Bite
    Idi Amin drama starts showcase of international theatre at the Barbican - 28/09/01

  • Tomlinson Game For a Laugh
    Royle family star jokes about English footballers at film premiere - 28/09/01

  • Tube Strikes Called for October
    'Prehistoric' working conditions slammed by unions - 27/09/01

  • Hello Hytner, Nunn No More
    'I love this place,' says next National director - 27/09/01

  • Pinter: 'Don't Go to War'
    'Terrorism is the language of despair,' say playwright and eight other leading British cultural figures - 26/09/01

  • Winslet Pulls Out of Enigma Premiere
    Estranged actress blames recent personal events for her no-show - 26/09/01

  • London Faces UKP1 Billion Tourist Loss
    Terrorism effect adds to industry woes - 25/09/01

  • Hollywood Stars Set for London Film Festival
    Terrorist outrage is no barrier for A-list names - 25/09/01

  • Overhaul for West End Security
    Leicester Square gets CCTV as terrorism dominates authorities' thinking - 25/09/01

  • Blockbuster Films Face Delay if Actors Strike
    Leading British actors threaten to stop working over pay issues - 24/09/01

  • Blair Heads for New York
    PM builds 'international support' for response to terrorism - 21/09/01

  • Straw: 'It's Like the Cuban Missile Crisis'
    Home Secretary's words of war stoke up post-US attack atmosphere - 20/09/01

  • Les Dennis has a Pop at Chart Success
    Family Fortunes presenter teams up with rock has-beens for single - 20/09/01

  • Have Faith in the Friel Thing
    Almeida leads changing of the guard in Theatreland - 20/09/01

  • Political Unrest Sparks Drama
    The Tricycle stages the peace process - 19/09/01

  • US Tragedy Set to Transform Hollywood
    'It's going to change the way we think about everything,' says British director Mike Figgis - 18/09/01

  • PM Issues Warning to Terrorists
    Parliament hears blunt threat before three-minute silence - 17/09/01

  • Ritzy Scraps Screening of Anti-Police Film
    'We cannot risk everything for the sake of one film,' says Brixton cinema - 17/09/01

  • Travolta Action Movie Axed From UK Cinemas
    Swordfish canned following terrorism in the States - 14/09/01

  • Blair: 'British Death Toll Will Be in the Hundreds'
    20,000 overall total feared in WTC collapse - 13/09/01

  • Pinter Goes On Line
    Political playwright launches his own website - 13/09/01

  • 'Terrorist Attacks Planned for Britain', Says Minister
    Hain's vague alarm call wakes us up to the need for truth - 13/09/01

  • 'Loser' Tube Boss to Go Part-Time
    Livingstone angry as Smith juggles two jobs - 12/09/01

  • Film Awards Honour Homegrown Talent
    Newcomers battle it out with big names at British Independent Film Awards - 12/09/01

  • London Set to Go Potty Over Harry Premiere
    Fans expected to swamp Leicester Square as stars turn out for world screening - 10/09/01

  • Bendybuses to Help London Go Continental
    Double-deckers not under threat from German vehicles - 10/09/01

  • Anarchists Target Arms Trade Show
    Killing machine 'retail therapy' condemned by anti-capitalists - 07/09/01

  • Pete Waterman Slams Hear'Say
    'It was inevitable the bubble would burst,' says the music mogul - 06/09/01

  • Clubs Told to Crack Down on Dealers
    'You won't lose your licence if you come forward,' police tell owners - 06/09/01

  • Woody Allen: Terror attacks Play No Part in Hollywood
    American director talks about the US tragedy at the NFT - 06/09/01

  • Queen Musical Camps at the Dominion
    We Will Rock You scheduled for next year - 05/09/01

  • Gorillaz Have a Hairy Escape
    Albarn's cartoon band freed from Mercury Prize shortlist - 04/09/01

  • Trade Centre to be Cut From Future Films
    Images of destroyed building edited to avoid causing distress - 04/09/01

  • Almeida Chiefs Seek Wider Audience
    Jonathon Kent and Ian McDiarmid throw in the towel - 03/09/01

  • Primal Scream 'Mortified' Over Bomb Song
    'We're in a position where we could get lynched,' says Bobby Gillespie - 03/09/01

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