LondonNet: October News Archive 2001
  • Lee Evans Makes a Grave Move
    Comedian undertakes sidekick role in new black comedy - 16/10/01

  • New Funding Means Shows Go On
    Noble and Nunn heave sigh of relief - 15/10/01

  • Chitty Chitty Wins Noble Support
    RSC director Adrian Noble freelances in the West End - 15/10/01

  • Straw: We Will Be Generous in Victory
    Allies have no quarrel with Afghan people, says Foreign Secretary - Major infrastructure investment promised if Taliban are sent packing - 12/10/01

  • War Fears Hit Theatreland
    'It'll get worse,' says stage chief as three plays close - 11/10/01

  • By Jeeves It's Vinnie
    Jones bags the butler role for big screen adaptation of Lloyd Webber musical - 11/10/01

  • Labour Spin Doctor: 'Hide Controversial Polices Behind Terrorist Attacks'
    Transport adviser sent sneaky note within hours of attacks - 10/10/01

  • World History Makes Web History
    Super-archive scheme to take all-encompassing snapshot of a planet in crisis - 10/10/01

  • 'Thriving' London Music Scene Breaks UKP1 Billion Barrier
    CD sales and live pop events bring in the bucks/ classical gets the grants - 10/10/01

  • Narnia Knock Out Makes A Come Back
    The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe returns to Sadler's Wells - 10/10/01

  • Straw: 'Iraq is Not a Target'
    Sadam safe for now as Allies stay with narrow war aims - 10/10/01

  • South African Musical Livens Up The Shaftesbury
    Umoja replaces Peggy Sue - 10/10/01

  • Fatboy for Musik Awards
    But Big Brother contestants refused invites to glitzy ceremony - 10/10/01

  • Blair: Palestine Question holds the Answer to Stopping Future Terror
    'New Dynamic' needed for peace process, agrees Schroeder - 10/10/01

  • Arafat in London for Peace Talks
    Israel calls Palestinian leader 'unrepentant terrorist' as Blair bids for long-term solution - 10/10/01

  • Ministry of Sound Get Set for New Year
    Superclub gears up for massive party - 10/10/01

  • Hawking: Escape to Space to Save the Human Race
    Stars hold key in avoiding anthrax-style anhilation, says top scientist - 10/10/01

  • Ronnie Barker Prepares for War
    Veteran comedian comes out of hiding for film about Churchill - 10/10/01

  • Blackadder Goes Forth Against Censorship
    Atkinson 'aghast' at new-style 'blasphemy' law - 10/10/01

  • Raindance Film Festival Gets Underway
    London cinemas host a selection of independent films from around the world - 10/10/01

  • New Plays Bite The Dust
    Mahler's Conversion leaves theatregoers unconvinced - 10/10/01

  • Government Could Drop Tube Privatisation, Says Byers
    Transport Minister hints at climb down on unpopular Underground plans - 10/10/01

  • No Man's Land Comes Home
    The Pinter revival continues - 10/10/01

  • Anti-War MPs Told to Shut Up
    Dire consequences hinted at for dissenters - 10/10/01

  • Harry Potter Advance Previews Announced
    Warner cinemas to hold paid preview screenings - 10/10/01

  • London Hotels Suffer Tourist Stayaway
    Special offers created to attract visitors - 10/10/01

  • Asylum System Chaos Harms Refugees' Health
    BMA blames vouchers for problems - 10/10/01

  • Political Plays Rise Again
    Another cutting drama stirs the conscience - 10/10/01

  • Cinema Puts More Bums on Seats
    Going to the flicks is more popular than last year - 10/10/01

  • Blair: Never Forget Why We Are at War
    PM stresses moral purpose amidst signs of decreasing public support for bombing campaign - 10/10/01

  • Potter Fans Frenzy Over Film Tickets
    UK cinemas faced with overwhelming demand from corporate bookings - 10/10/01

  • How Do You Get Elephants Out of London?
    No joke for zoo as Dilberta, Mya and Layang-Layang get their marching orders - 10/10/01

  • Crisis-Hit Theatreland Gets Help From Mayor
    Livingstone takes steps to save West End shows - 10/10/01

  • Middle Earth Comes to the West End
    Hobbit ventures out at the Queen's - 10/10/01

  • QPR are the best football team in london
    its official - 10/10/01

  • Euan Blair Fights Off Muggers
    'Suspects ran off empty handed,' say police - 04/10/01

  • Blair Targets Taliban
    Afghan regime in firing line for failure to hand over bin Laden - 02/10/01

  • Police to Get New Extra-Judicial Powers
    Indefinite detention and automatic expulsion lined up for asylum -seekers - 01/10/01

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