LondonNet: November News Archive 2001
  • Topper: 'New Energy' Needed at Hampstead Theatre
    London's only woman theatre chief sets departure date - 30/11/01

  • George Harrison Dies
    Ex-Beatle joins his sweet lord - 29/11/01

  • Ali Packs A Punch in London
    Hollywood hot-shot Will Smith set to attend world premiere - 28/11/01

  • Take War to Iraq, Says Tory Leader
    Duncan Smith backs US hawks on new battle front - 27/11/01

  • Payout for UK Families of September 11th Victims
    Millions in compensation pot for TV viewers - 26/11/01

  • Boozers to Benefit from Brown's Budget
    Chancellor pledges to help armed forces, pensioners and beer-drinkers - 26/11/01

  • US Troops Go In, British Troops Stay Out
    Afghanistan more clearly than ever an American war - 23/11/01

  • All New Taboo for the West End
    The Venue hosts a Boy George musical - 22/11/01

  • It Really Doesn't Matter Any More, as Buddy Bows Out
    Long-running musical latest in growing list of West End closures - 22/11/01

  • Biker Cops Go Underground
    Tube police get two-wheelers to help fight crime - 21/11/01

  • Museum's Creepy Crawlies Get New Cocoon
    Extension to house millions of insects and plants - 21/11/01

  • Harry Won't Hit the Stage for Six Years
    Theatre bids for Potter put on hold until 2007 - 21/11/01

  • Hey Presto: Harry Makes Mistakes
    Movie buffs spot continuity errors in Potter film - 20/11/01

  • Drug Secrets of Britain's Snorty Somethings
    Managers rival students in narcotics league table - 19/11/01

  • British Troops Ready and Waiting
    Thousands of soldiers on 48-hour notice to head for Afghanistan - 16/11/01

  • Potter Works Magic at the Box Office
    Harry hogs the limelight as film smashes records - 16/11/01

  • Britain Calls for Broad-Based Afghan Regime
    Fall of Kabul brings future government into focus - 15/11/01

  • Harry Director is Potty About London
    Hollywood director announces he is to spend Christmas in the capital - 15/11/01

  • British Troops Not Wanted
    - Northern Alliance and US government balk at big deployment - 15/11/01

  • Blunkett Plans Comeback for Internment
    Imprisonment without trial likely for foreigners suspected of having terrorist links - 14/11/01

  • Ewan Gets Excited over Sex Scenes
    'I've never been shy about this sort of thing,' admits McGregor - 14/11/01

  • New Lord Mayor's Wife to Fly Over Parade
    Hundreds of thousands expected for ancient inauguration festival - 13/11/01

  • All Change At The National Theatre
    Dramatic reshuffle as Chris Smith joins the Board - 13/11/01

  • RSC Hit by New Strike Threat
    Back-stage staff protest against pay cuts and move from Barbican - 12/11/01

  • Posh and Becks Strip for M&S
    Beckhams to model Marks and Spencer underwear - 11/11/01

  • Izzard Set For London Film Festival
    Comic to attend preview of his new movie - 09/11/01

  • Big Screen Welcome to Afghanistan
    Michael Winterbottom to make film on conflict in the Middle East - 09/11/01

  • All Night Opening for Pubs on New Year's Eve
    Licensing laws to be lifted for end of year celebrations - 08/11/01

  • School's Out for The Graduate
    Mrs Robinson to say goodbye after multi-actress run - 07/11/01

  • New Altman Movie Headlines London Film Festival
    Gosford Park leads off cast of 200 - 06/11/01

  • Bad Fairy Fails to Spoil Wizard's Party
    Harris moans at premiere but Harry Potter author says film is magic - 05/11/01

  • New Musical Gives Kiss Of Life to Theatreland
    Kiss Me, Kate receives standing ovation - 02/11/01

  • Crossed Swords Over Crossrail
    Canary Wharf and The City in transport dust-up - 01/11/01

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