LondonNet: May News Archive 2001
  • London Club Gets No-Go
    Proposals for new club rejected in face of residents complaints - 31/05/01

  • Don't Treat Refugees like Criminals, UN Tells UK
    Straw and Hague battle for King of the Clampdown crown - 31/05/01

  • Blair Attacks Refugee Convention
    PM threatens 'swift returns' for failed asylum-seekers - 30/05/01

  • New Hitchcock Movie Planned
    Novice director takes on the master of suspense - 30/05/01

  • Bridget Jones Star Casts Doubt Over Sequel
    Zellweger says she can't stand thought of staying in London - 29/05/01

  • The Business of Apathy
    Cross-party consensus dulls interest in election - 29/05/01

  • Public Services are First Election Battleground
    Parties row over health and education as Blair visits Queen - 28/05/01

  • No Go For National's US Transfer
    Equity protects American jobs from British actors - 28/05/01

  • Euro Poll Faces Extra Delay
    Murdoch support comes with strings attached - 25/05/01

  • Forget the Election, It's Internecine Royal Warfare
    Charles would make a bad king, says Philip - 24/05/01

  • Cash-strapped Ex-All Saint Goes Solo
    'I've got to earn some money,' says former singer Melanie Blatt - 23/05/01

  • Kiss Me Kate Puckers Up to Theatreland
    Victoria Palace woos Cole Porter's hit musical - 22/05/01

  • East-Ender Eyes Up Phantom
    Soap star Martine McCutcheon set for second musical - 21/05/01

  • Inflation Fall Boosts Brown's Business Image
    Enterprise is the key to prosperity, says Chancellor - 21/05/01

  • 'Massive Issues' Inspire Blair
    PM slams talk of two-party consensus - 21/05/01

  • Hague: I'm No 'Soft Touch' on Asylum
    Tories return to refugee issue as election campaign begins - 18/05/01

  • BBC Wages War on Hollywood
    Large-scale film projects planned in order to stem drain to US - 18/05/01

  • West End Turns Naughty But Nice
    Ute Lemper promises a sexy new show - 18/05/01

  • Hollywood Goes Off The Rails For Ronnie
    Directors battle it out for film rights on the return of the train robber - 17/05/01

  • Colin Firth Shows His Worth
    Bridget Jones's Diary star takes on Hamlet - 17/05/01

  • Baftas to Stay in Pre-Oscar Slot
    Move judged a success by Academy Award chief - 17/05/01

  • Phoenix the Calf to be Panto Star
    Foot-and-mouth survivor milks star status - 16/05/01

  • Confident Blair backs Euro
    'We can win support of British people,' agrees Brown - 16/05/01

  • Fatal Attraction for the Graduate
    Anne Archer takes to the West End - 16/05/01

  • LibDems Raise Stakes On Private Tube
    Mini-manifesto continues support for Ken - 15/05/01

  • Leigh Re-Locates To Modern-Day London
    But Mike is keeping schtum about his new film - 15/05/01

  • Thatcher: euro is 'Awful', 'Spineless' and not 'Free'
    Hague bid to calm down over Europe is sabotaged by ex-Leader - 15/05/01

  • Python Recoils from British Film Industry
    Gilliam blames lack of talent for Britain's poor showing at Cannes - 14/05/01

  • Connery Sets Bells Ringing for Cycling Movie
    007 set to star in Obree bio-pic - 14/05/01

  • Private Sector Handed Keys to Blair's Kingdom
    'Enterprise' to be given its head in public services, says PM - 11/05/01

  • Amnesty Slams Government's Asylum Record
    'Hostility' and 'suspicion' cited by human rights group - 11/05/01

  • West End Boys Come To Town
    Pet Shop Boys take on the Arts Theatre - 10/05/01

  • Lights, Camera, Strike Action
    High-profile British actors in dispute over pay - 10/05/01

  • Hollywood Strike to Boost London Stage
    West End eyes rich pickings from dispute - 09/05/01

  • Nat and Nic Make Saintly Duo
    Appleton sisters go it alone on new project - 09/05/01

  • RSC to Quit the Barbican
    Adrian Noble looks to Stratford and West End - 09/05/01

  • Ronnie Biggs Wants to Come Home
    'I'll give myself up,' says e-mail message to the Yard - 08/05/01

  • Stratford Circus Gets Ready for Launch
    1000 shows lined up for new complex - 08/05/01

  • PM Backs 'Instinctive' Prescott
    Regrets, but no black mark for Deputy PM - 08/05/01

  • Pratchett Waves His Movie Wand
    Dreamworks buy film rights to three novels by the fantasy author - 07/05/01

  • 'Sexy' BA Uniforms Slammed
    'We're not dollies with trollies,' say staff - 07/05/01

  • 9,000 Tooled Up and Ready for Action - and That's Just the Police
    Tense atmosphere as London 'celebrates' May Day - 05/05/01

  • Barbican Brings Bite Back
    Festival of international theatre returns - 04/05/01

  • Al's Lads Grabs Cannes Attention
    US film distributor impressed by new low-budget Brit-flick - 03/05/01

  • Union Leader Backs No Strike Call
    Underground bosses get lift from TUC on eve of Tube strike - 02/05/01

  • Voices From the Dark Speak Out
    Celebrities gather for charity premiere - 02/05/01

  • Van Outen Wows West End
    Ex TV presenter given standing ovation on her stage debut - 01/05/01

  • Cullen Pinpoints Ladbroke Grove Failures
    Crash report part one highlights safety problems - 01/05/01

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