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Thatcher: euro is 'Awful', 'Spineless' and not 'Free'
- Hague bid to calm down over Europe is sabotaged by ex-Leader

FORMER Prime Minister Lady Thatcher has said that most of Europe is not free, in another outburst over Britain's relationship with its neighbours in the run-up to the General Election on June 7th.

"If you do not have charge of your own currency, you do not have charge of your own freedom," Thatcher said, effectively calling into question the status of countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy which have all decided to dump their own currencies in favour of the new euro.

"The moment you go to Europe - it's an awful thing, it's a spineless thing," the Tory PM from 1979 -1981 said, revealing the depth of her europhobia.

"The idea that we should give up our own currency is utterly repugnant and I do not think many people would want to give it up."

Thatcher's rabid intervention comes on the day that her latest successor, William Hague, looks to have decided to reign in his own anti-Europe instincts after new poll evidence suggested his aggressive nationalistic strategy was in tatters.

An ICM poll today has the Tories on 28 per cent, two points down from last week, with Labour riding high on 49. Of the four main polling organisations, ICM are usually the ones that give Labour the least favourable figures and run private polling for the Tories. ICM also found that out of eleven issues, 'Europe' ranked eleventh in importance for its polling group.

Hague changed the text of a speech yesterday to tone down its anti-European content and is now expected to target the the Liberal Democrats, who were handed 17 per cent in ICM's poll, in a desperate bid to avoid electoral humiliation.

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