LondonNet: March News Archive 2001
  • Little's Presence Makes it the Royle Court
    TV star 'excited' about first stage outing - 30/03/01

  • Bridget Jones Star Seeks Work in London
    Zellweger stuns publishing staff by going undercover for her new role - 28/03/01

  • The Spies Who Love Our Money
    Secret services get huge government cash boost - 27/03/01

  • Return of the Blues Brothers
    Cult musical back in the West End - 26/03/01

  • Tube Strikers Widen Support
    Drivers back station staff colleagues - 23/03/01

  • New Deal for Ally McBeal
    Calista Flockhart takes to the West End - 22/03/01

  • Brevity is the Soul of the Oscars
    But UK viewers could miss out on this year's event - 21/03/01

  • Tube Strike Starts Tonight
    Talks break down as safety becomes key battleground - 21/03/01

  • London Lays Out the Welcome Mat
    Officials sent to US to say capital is unaffected by foot and mouth - 20/03/01

  • Police Issue Safety Warning Over Concert Crowds
    London parks constabulary say staff shortages could put fans at risk - 20/03/01

  • Get Set for Blockbusters on the Net
    Fears of a 'Movie Napster' prompts Hollywood into action - 19/03/01

  • Bart Graduates to the Big Screen
    Simpson's brat gets seduced 'Mrs Robinson' style - 19/03/01

  • Eliza Moves On Up
    My Fair Lady transfers to the West End - 19/03/01

  • Annis Returns in Ghosts
    Comedy Theatre to stage Ibsen classic - 16/03/01

  • Straw Sends Asylum Seekers Back
    Refugees forced on flights to war zone - 16/03/01

  • Grand Day Out at the Movies, Gromit
    Plasticine duo make big screen debut - 15/03/01

  • Go West Young Dome
    Science Museum mulls over shift to Swindon - 15/03/01

  • Army Gets Foot and Mouth Call
    Snipers may go in, despite fall in rate of new cases reported - 14/03/01

  • EU're Talking Crap, Say UK Sewage Experts
    Commissioner reveals missed treatment targets - 14/03/01

  • Doom Laden Drama Queens Are Quids In
    London theatre promised millions by Arts Council - 13/03/01

  • Optimism Over Tube Talks
    Mayor and Chancellor set to agree deal - 13/03/01

  • Mama Mia! Pop Goes the West End
    Queen and Pet Shop Boys to feature songs in new musicals - 12/03/01

  • Feels Like I've Got AIDS, Says Fergie
    Outcast Royal compares bad publicity to life-threatening disease - 12/03/01

  • National Says Ello to Enry Iggins
    First night for flower girl McCutcheon , flu permitting - 12/03/01

  • Suicide Kane Lives Again
    Festival scheduled for late great playwright - 09/03/01

  • Chips With Light Source
    UK scientists claim break through in silicon technology - 08/03/01

  • World Cup My Arse
    Royle Family Ricky to play England football manager - 07/03/01

  • Jackson Takes Sword to 'Goblins'
    Past is a painful country for singer during Oxford speech - 07/03/01

  • Vinnie's Pop Dreams Dashed
    Hardman Jones fails to find his footing in the music business - 06/03/01

  • Jackson to Speak at Oxford University
    Kid-centred talk 'will surprise the world' says Michael - 06/03/01

  • Shepherd's Bush Residents: Why No Evacuation?
    Police cleared BBC TV centre before bomb but left locals in their homes - 05/03/01

  • London Up for Rubbish Award
    Centre of town out to clean up refuse gongs - 05/03/01

  • British Film Stars Snub Brown Nose Culture
    'It has been a total freak-out,' says Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell - 03/03/01

  • All You Need is Pop Nostalgia
    The Queen's theatre programmes Beatles tribute - 02/03/01

  • Population Power Surge for Britain
    UN projections point to more weight for UK in EC - 01/03/01

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