LondonNet: January News Archive 2001
  • Museum Entrance Fees to be Scrapped
    Government set to announce free entry next week - 31/01/01

  • Bin Laden Book Hits Hollywood
    Miramax secure rights to McNab terrorist novel - 31/01/01

  • Harry Helps UK Film Industry
    Film-making in Britain is up by a third, say experts - 30/01/01

  • No Picket Duty for Ken
    Mayor withdraws to the shadows as strike looms - 30/01/01

  • Madonna Finds London 'Charming'
    Pop star likes the Queen and old suits - 29/01/01

  • Dannii Climbs On Hunchback
    West End musical outing for younger Minogue - 29/01/01

  • Life x 3 Times Two
    Art author's latest play transfers to the West End - 26/01/01

  • Scott Grabs Gong for Gladiator
    Dench and Redgrave also honoured in Golden Globes - 26/01/01

  • On Stage On the Net
    Peter Ackroyd's latest play goes online - 26/01/01

  • British Film Industry To Benefit From Hollywood Strike
    US filmmakers could target Britain as A-list actors threaten industrial actio - 26/01/01

  • Ken Faces 'Cruelty' Rap
    Protesters home in on Mayor over pigeon policy - 25/01/01

  • Bottoms Up for Dawn French
    Comedienne takes on Shakespeare comedy - 25/01/01

  • Museum Goes Radioactive
    Suspect rocks break law on emission limits - 24/01/01

  • Something Rotten in the State of the RSC
    Strike set to hit Hall's Trojan War epic - 24/01/01

  • One Hell Of A Movie For Eddie
    Brash comic gets sent to purgatory in new film - 24/01/01

  • Nunn Sends for Indian Epic
    The story that shaped the Hindu faith transfers to the Royal National Theatre - 23/01/01

  • Hopkins Spits Out Cannibal
    Young replacement sought for third Lecter movie - 23/01/01

  • Wanamaker Wants To Make Mamet Proud
    Zoe takes on David's latest revival - 23/01/01

  • Datagrid Out to Usurp the Internet
    UK scientists claim 'watershed' technology heralds another communications revolution - 22/01/01

  • Legal Challenges Mount for Net Twins Couple
    Arkansas and UK government to investigate babies-for-sale deal - 22/01/01

  • Diana's Butler Under Arrest
    Police swoop in connection with theft of Princess's belongings - 22/01/01

  • Bad Boy Robbie Gives To Good Causes
    'I've got enough,' explains singer - 22/01/01

  • Britpack Reclaims the West End
    UK film stars set their sights on the stage - 19/01/01

  • Craig Takes On The Brits
    Chart-topping R&B star up for five awards - 19/01/01

  • London Temples Lead Gujurat Relief Effort
    Massive response to quake tragedy - 19/01/01

  • Queen Of Pop Takes Up Queen's English
    But Madonna's posh husband Guy pretends he is a cockney - 18/01/01

  • Brothel Madams Con the Royal Set
    Queen met vice duo at horse show - 18/01/01

  • City Firm Tells Jewish Broker to Wear Hitler Costume
    Bosses defend "lighthearted" incident - 18/01/01

  • Viva Las London!
    Desert city gambles on a new city-theme hotel - 17/01/01

  • Hannibal Hungry For More
    Sir Anthony Hopkins in talks to play Lecter for third time - 17/01/01

  • Drama To Leave Crowds Speechless
    Mime artists from around the world come to town - 16/01/01

  • All Saint Shacks Up With Prodigy Star
    Singer Natalie loves a Liam, just like her sister - 15/01/01

  • 'Permanent Memory Loss' for Margaret
    Princess faces brain scan after stroke fears - 12/01/01

  • Runaway Success for Far Away
    Churchill's unusual drama seduces the West End - 11/01/01

  • Tube Uses Machine from Museum
    The stations are shabby but things are worse behind the scenes, says TV report - 10/01/01

  • Intruders Scale Palace Walls
    Security review after tourists reach Charles' garden - 09/01/01

  • It's All Over For All Saints
    London chart toppers go their separate ways - 09/01/01

  • Hollywood Newlyweds Wish You Were Here
    Douglas and Zeta Jones to feature in TV holiday programme - 08/01/01

  • William in e-Mail Chat-up with Bush's Niece
    Virtual romance for elite teenagers - 05/01/01

  • In Memory Of Kirsty MacColl
    Fans welcome to pay tribute to the late singer at memorial service - 04/01/01

  • Sean Bean Lands Doctor Who Role
    BBC in movie revival of TV Time Lord - 03/01/01

  • Ally McBeal Keeps it Real
    Actress Calista Flockhart takes on the West End - 03/01/01

  • Bard Brings Past Back To The Future
    Shakespeare’s six history plays receive a long overdue staging - 02/01/01

  • Eminem Set for Ministry Of Sound
    US rapper to appear live on stage at top London superclub - 02/01/01

  • The Spy Who Loved Funny Little Plasticine Characters
    Chicken Run team hit by industrial espionage - 01/01/01

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