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Diana's Butler Under Arrest
- Police swoop in connection with theft of Princess's belongings

THE MAN Princess Diana called her "rock", butler Paul Burrell, has been arrested under suspicion of stealing some of his former employer's belongings.

Police in Cheshire, accompanied by officers from London's Metropolitan Police, raided Burrell's home at 6am yesterday morning and spent 12 hours searching the cottage from top to bottom. Carpets were rolled back and floorboards ripped up in a bid to find evidence against Burrell, who is being questioned by officers today.

"The arrest follows the receipt of information after the discovery of an artefact allegedly stolen from a location in central London," a police spokesperson said, referring, royal watchers believe, to a jewel-encrusted model boat valued at UKP500,000.

Police acted after months of rumour and after taking a detailed inventory of the Princess's belongings. As well as the boat, police sources say hats, dresses and other artefacts have gone missing

Burrell was one of Diana's most trusted servants and was left UKP50,000 in the princess's will. After Diana's tragic death in a Paris car crash two and a half years ago, Burrell assumed the role of trustee to the Diana Memorial Fund but was later sacked for mysterious reasons. Since then, Burrell has carved out a lucrative career as an after-dinner speaker and author, although he is said to have turned down UKP1 million to write a spill-the-beans account of his time with Diana.

"I believe she watches over me," Burrell has said. "I miss her and I always will."

Meanwhile, the Queen has reportedly agreed to allow a pop concert in the grounds of Buckingham Palace as part of the celebrations of her own Golden Jubilee.

The concert would apparently be a celebration of the best popular music of Her Majesty's 50 year reign, though it is thought likely Cliff Richard would be one of the headlining acts. Sadly, the chances of the remaining Sex Pistols reforming to thrash out God Save the Queen for the event are deemed nil.

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