London New Archives: September 2000

  • Billy Elliot Mines Rich Vein of Stars
    Big A-list turn out for West End premiere - 29/09/00
  • Mayor in Traffic Jam
    GLA members question fast track approach to road-pricing - 28/09/00
  • Polanski Seeks Wannabe Stars
    Actors wanted for new film - no experience needed - 27/09/00
  • Missile Culprits Remain a Mystery
    Spy HQ blast causes huge transport disruption - 27/09/00
  • Sir Elton Goes Gnome
    Disney-backed film project to include garden features - 27/09/00
  • Fergie Aide Arrested
    Andrews heads to London for questioning - 26/09/00
  • Another Country Lands in London
    Revival for rebel-toffs play - 26/09/00
  • London's Three Olympic Bids
    Rival stadiums vie for pole position - 26/09/00
  • Sex Gangs Pick Up Refugee Children
    Lack of official help encourages prostitution, says report - 25/09/00
  • Westminster Snubs Car Free Day
    People will use tubes and buses, moans central London council - 25/09/00
  • Archer Gets Off In The Accused
    But he might not be so lucky in real-life - 25/09/00
  • Confidence in e-Commerce Doubles
    Nine out of ten people happy with internet shopping, new survey reports - 22/09/00
  • Small Business Revolt Spreads
    Cut tax on cutting hair, say snippers - 21/09/00
  • Ken Backs Anti-Tout Campaign
    Theatre ticket scams targeted by Mayor - 20/09/00
  • Online Shopping Hits New Heights
    LondonNet well ahead of market trend - 19/09/00
  • Beeb Sorry For Branding Philip a Nazi
    Feud between Al Fayed and Prince continues - 19/09/00
  • Plug Pulled on Dome Bid
    Sorry, but we had no alternative, say Nomura - 18/09/00
  • RAC: London Will Run Dry by Tonight
    Blair back in town as petrol crisis escalates - 15/09/00
  • Emmy For Eddie
    Izzard triumphs at TV's Oscars - 14/09/00
  • Prince Slams 'Monstrous' Dome
    'It's a waste of money', says Charles - 13/09/00
  • Here They Come, It's the Double Deckers
    Two-tier trains planned for London - 12/09/00
  • Noel and Meg Call it Quits
    Rock couple in town versus country split - 11/09/00
  • Massive Attack on Tories
    Band threaten to sue over music 'misappropriation' - 11/09/00
  • Germany Beats UK to Internet Gold Medal
    British web firms are less profitable than rivals, says report - 09/09/00
  • Doubt Cast Over Dome Sale
    "We haven't signed anything yet," say Nomura - 07/09/00
  • Londoners Are The Meanest Of Them All
    New survey shows tight-fisted types congregate in the capital - 06/09/00
  • 2000 Trapped in Tube Nightmare
    Three taken to hospital after passengers remain trapped for 2 hours - 05/09/00
  • Al Carnival Crime Played Down Say Police
    Officers discouraged from making arrests in fear of inciting violence - 04/09/00
  • UKP 10m To Mend Millenium Bridge
    And it's unlikely to be open by the end of the year - 01/09/00