London New Archives: November 2000

  • English Speakers Condemned as Arrogant
    Report pushes earlier language education for monolingual Brits
  • Women Wear the Trousers at BA
    Britain's biggest airline in uniform shake-up
  • Ship Hotel in 2002 Launch
    Docklands mooring for 250 room initiative
  • US Elections: London Can Make a Difference
    Ex-pat votes vital in tightest poll in history
  • Dome Heist FoiledBash
    Robbers wanted diamonds, say onlookers
  • Fireworks Over New Year's Eve Bash
    Transport the issue as Livingstone and Prescott lock horns again
  • Madonna Makes Music In London
    But the invite-only show will leave many fans disappointed
  • O Brother, Thou Art Here, There and Everywhere
    Gene evidence points to ten founding fathers for Europe
  • Off With Their Mobiles
    Her Majesty orders phone switch off after banquet disruption
  • London Still Leads Europe
    euro not a problem, says Bank of England
  • Diana Butler Arrested
    Servant faces police questions over alleged jewel theft
  • Pinter Celebrates Caretaker Revival
    Graves and Gambon star in Comedy Theatre first night
  • New D-Day for Dome
    Government rules on Legacy bid to takeover attraction
  • BT Fires First Shot in Mobile Internet War
    Free unmetered WAP access promised by telecom monopoly
  • One Wants to Be a Royal Millionaire
    Parker-Bowles cousin first to grab big TV prize
  • Madonna To Tie The Knot
    Pop Queen plans to wed at Christmas
  • Thatcher Slams Blair's 'Monumental Folly'
    European force 'makes no sense' says old bruiser on her anniversary
  • Sure Hit For Shaw
    Fiona handed child-slayer lead in Medea
  • Long Weekend for Golden Jubilee
    Queen's half-century to be marked by double bank holiday
  • Cerebral Miss Worlds head for Dome
    Brain 'n' Beauty contest spices up beleaguered Greenwich attraction
  • Eurotunnel Drivers in 24 Hour Stoppage
    Train services won't be affected,say company bosses
  • Danny Comes Home
    Top DJ makes final UK appearance this year with all-night gig
  • Wheel of Light for Christmas
    London Eye gets into festive spirit
  • Bar Owners: Curfew Will Ruin West End
    Court ruling sought on late-night clampdown
  • Bar Owners: Curfew Will Ruin West End
    Court ruling sought on late-night clampdown
  • Jim Royle Joins the Mob
    Telly's favourite superslob to star in gangster flick