London New Archives: July 2000

  • Cash Boost for Public Sector London
    UKP250m in housing benefits to help stem key worker exodus - 28/07/00
  • Redgraves Set To Star In Cherry Orchard
    Brother and sister team up for London stage - 27/07/00
  • Ken Handed Transport Cash
    Labour begin moves to re-integrate maverick Mayor - 26/07/00
  • London Moves On Up
    538ft high Skyscaper planned for Paddington - 26/07/00
  • Dome Dishes Up Tasty New Theme
    'Smorgasbord' approach for upcoming adventure park - 26/07/00
  • Hi-Tech Theme Park For Dome
    Nomura set to win bidding war - 24/07/00
  • Spacey Injects Cash Into Old Vic
    Hollywood star invests in new productions - 24/07/00
  • Charles and Camilla Will Not Marry
    Royal lovers fed up with speculation - 20/07/00
  • Lap Dancer at Charles' Palace
    Prince misses out on nude revelry - 19/07/00
  • Memo Misery for Blair
    Leak exposes New Labour's split personality - 18/07/00
  • Community Cries Foul Over Paddington Tower
    Locals fear invasion of the rich - 18/07/00
  • Capital Expand Online Portfolio
    London based commercial radio group plans 3 new net stations - 17/07/00
  • Concorde Crashes in Paris
    Air France supersonic jet ploughs into hotel, killing over a hundred passengers - 17/07/00
  • Lords Inflict Email Defeat
    Peers vote for amendments to Government's R.I.P. internet interception bill - 13/07/00
  • London: Tops For Tap Water
    Capital's H2O is better than the bottled stuff, says report - 12/07/00
  • Bouncers Needed for Wobbly Bridge
    UKP1 charge mooted to fund security - 11/07/00
  • It-Girls Musical For Lloyd Webber
    Sir Andrew branches out yet again - 10/07/00
  • Dome Gets Best Of British Makeover
    Family games lead summer ad campaign - 07/07/00
  • No Internet Blackouts Here
    We can cope with surge in power demand, say London Electricity - 07/07/00
  • Clampdown on Young Drinkers
    Council uses Blair incident to hit pubs - 06/07/00
  • Sutherland’s Enigmatic Extension
    Panned West End play runs till September - 05/07/00
  • Livingstone Gets Down to Business
    Mayor starts job by cosying up to financiers - 04/07/00
  • Hovercraft to Get the Chop
    Fastest Channel crossers to go after 30 years - 03/07/00