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Other London Clubs



Best supported club in the capital, Arsenal also have the proudest history... Read More

Charlton Asthletic

Once the proud owners of the biggest ground in the land, Charlton spent most of the 1980s homeless, forced to share with hated local rivals Crystal Palace... Read More


Chelsea always played up its trendy Kings Road address for all its worth in a bid to claim the title of Most Glamorous Club in London... Read More


Plenty of fans of other teams like Fulham - it's a club with a pleasantly nostalgic and unthreatening air about it. For many years, the past is all the Cottagers could hang on to, but following the arrival of new Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed in 1997, the club were promoted as champions to the Premiership in 2001. Since then Fulham have sought to consolidate their position in the top league.
Ground:Craven Cottage
Nickname: Cottagers

Tottenham Hotspur

While their bitter North London rivals Arsenal have often battered their way to the greater share of silverware down the ages, Tottenham fans pride themselves on following a club that wears its allegiance to elegant, passing football on its lillywhite sleeve... Read More

West Ham United

Known for years as `The Academy' after the club's ability to educate youngsters in the ways of the game, the Hammers have in the past couple of seasons augmented the home grown approach with a big infusion of expensive talent... Read More