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Babyshambles: Down In Albion

LondonNet Album Review
14 November 2005, Rough Trade Records

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O Hearken The Hype
Can Babyshambles new album outshine the reputation of Pete Doherty? Peter Clee decides...

Few albums in 2005 have enjoyed more pre-release hype than this one from Pete Doherty's new outfit.

For most this has had more to do with the singer's on-off relationship with south London goddess Kate Moss than the promise of new music. True Doherty fans though will have been more concerned with his musical development post-Libertines than his taste for Bolivian marching powder.

And so they should. For Doherty has yet again turned out a fine piece of work. At times babyshambolic, at others symbolic-baby, this is a triumph.

While Pete's lead vocal is anything but consistent, it is unique and ultimately endearing. Add to that a mature and crafted musical accompaniment and the deft production skills of former Clash star Mick Jones and you have a recipe for success.

Summer hits Fuck Forever and the ass-kicking Killamangiro get an airing along with new single Albion while Back From The Dead and Up The Morning provide future release fodder.

So take the plunge, swallow Pete's medicine and sixteen tracks later you'll land an aural high.

Peter Clee

>> Click here to hear some samples from the album