LondonNet Club Night Review...


Terminus Place
Victoria, W1
Every Friday
10pm-6am; 15UKP
Tube: Victoria

Luxury Flavour
Smoke imbues the utmost in London club luxury, including the prices...

When walking through the doors of Pacha, you truly get the sense of exclusivity. After making it through the twenty-minute queue, possible patrons are checked up and down with intense scrutiny, and if you’re not dressed ‘Pacha’ (described as debonair club wear/chic and unique) you will be turned away. Once inside, Pacha’s new club night Smoke takes over, and I suppose this is what the cover pays for.

Eponymous machines pumping out over the floor make for appropriate illustrations, and ambient colours of light shine through the wisps. On Smoke’s opening night, there wasn't a need for the dance floor, as people were trying to dance anywhere they had space. Downstairs, leather couches were dispersed among the oak panelled floor, leaving ample space for relaxing when those dancing shoes became exhausted. Not in a way you would've probably hoped, however, as a constant stream of house music blares in a steady attempt to keep people off the plush furniture.

Venturing upstairs offers a similar atmosphere and music, although the furniture resembles a tall, plush bed of leather and makes for more lounging than dancing. The floor was still somehow packed, and the bright illumination of the room allowed the dancers to see more than the outline of their partner. For all the carefully dressed crowd, it was a good time to show off.

Pacha evokes an extravagant attitude with luxurious prices. Bottles of Stella Artois, Rolling Rock and Smirnoff Ice are available for 4.50 UKP, and cocktails aren’t any cheaper starting at 5.50 UKP. Bottles of wine are also plentiful, being the popular choice for those lucky enough to find an open table. The elegance and lavish surroundings make Pacha a very attractive location for a glamorous club night like Smoke, and if you’re attempting to party in style on a Friday night and are willing to spend more time preparing, waiting in a queue, and a few extra quid for luxury, Smoke is probably the right choice.

Brandon Morgan