LondonNet Club Night Review...


Saturday night at Belushi's
48-50 Camden High St. NW1
8pm-2am; 3UKP
Tube: Camden Town

The Alt Rock Relax
Animosity at Belushi's is an okay alternative to sweaty spandex humping the dance floor...

For faithful rock fans, live music is a necessity. If none is available, or if the pockets aren't deep, however, Animosity at Belushi's is not a bad alternative. The rock/alternative night still has not totally taken off, but it has gotten busier as of late.

Belushi�s is situated on Camden High Street not far from the ever-popular Camden Market scene. While not the most popular area for a club night, as the streets are much more calm in the evening than the weekend market in the daytime, there was a still a fairly respectable crowd.

A bevy of coloured beams pointed towards the dance floor, where a small group of people leapt and twirled to the sounds of the Gorillaz or Nirvana. A few of the overzealous dancers were warned by the bouncers, as they kept peeling off their shirts or taking turns lifting each other overhead in something straight out of Dirty Dancing.

A stream of televisions above the bar and scattered around the room were tuned into an American college football game, making a proper distraction when the constant dancing became tiring. Beer on tap was standard fare, ranging from Guinness to Strongbow to Budweiser (maybe an American football knock-off?).

The set-up is relaxed, with a lounge room toward the back of the bar. Couches surround coffee tables, and wooden tables with stools are dispersed around the edges of the dance floor. The lounge room seemed most popular, with every seat full of as people attempted to discuss the day�s events over the blaring tunes or take a break from airlifting each other on the dance floor.

DJs Dave, Matt, and Rex kept the soundtrack going all night, but the music was clearly the drawing card. It stayed around the rock or alternative scene, but occasionally strayed into the techno or pop range to get more people dancing.

If you�re in a clubbing mood, Animosity is definitely not your club night. Belushi�s provides an alternative to the high-octane club scene with its laid-back atmosphere (dress code: anything and everything), perfect for anyone who is interested in drinking a few pints while listening to their favourite music.

Brandon Morgan