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The Millenium Dome


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Below is feedback received from some of the early visitors to the Dome, in the first few days of January, 2000.

The Verdict
t's definitely worth the money and there's plenty to look at. It's mind-boggling"
Mark Sitchett

"I've been to places like Alton Towers and places like that are more like fun fairs aren't they? They're for having fun, but this is more about information, though there is a little fun too."
Daniel Calladine, 15

The Best Bit
"Everybody wants to see the Body Zone"
Gemma Riley, 15

Queues, Queues, Queues
"I would also recommend they tell you when you get into a queue how much time it will take you to get through the line"
Judith Louria, 62

"At one point we were told we would be waiting for an hour and a half. We've been here two hours now and we are ready to leave. For the money we spent, that's not good".
Anne Watson, 49

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