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Privacy Consumer Advisor- Public Sector

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Industry: Public Sector

Company: Interaction Recruitment

Location: London

Salary: £400 - £500/day

Privacy Consumer Advisor- Public SectorDescription: The Cabinet Office is seeking to appoint an individual to carry out 100 days work over a period of one year from April/May 2014 to March 2015, with possible extension for a further year subject to the requirements of the programme. The role will cover the early beta phase of the identity assurance service, the new way for people to sign in to government services. Carry out a comprehensive discovery exercise and produce findings, ie user needs, scenarios, and proposals for potential scope and functions of a permanent ombudsman function (September 2014), including mapping how these functions would relate to and complement those of existing bodies such as the Information Commissioners Office. The role will have three main purposes: Whilst the identity assurance service is in beta - To review and respond to unresolved complaints from users about the service and recommend how the Cabinet Office should respond To monitor and report on the identity assurance services operation and performance against its stated policies on privacy and consumer protection To develop and gain acceptance for an ombudsman function for the service when it is fully live The role will cover the identity assurance service managed by the Cabinet Office and delivered by the Cabinet Office and its contracted identity providers. Review and respond to complaints that cannot be resolved by the identity assurance service itself or where users are not satisfied by the resolution that has been offered by the service. Agree and publish information for users on the operation of an interim ombudsman function (July 2014). Devise, agree and publish service standards for the interim ombudsman (July 2014). Develop, agree and publish a plan for a permanent ombudsman function (December 2014). Produce reports on how the identity assurance is operating and its compliance with its stated policies on privacy and consumer protection (based on complaints received during beta) Seek constructive outcomes in discussions, challenge assumptions but remain willing to compromise when it is beneficial to progress Experience Required: Actively involve partners to deliver a business outcome through collaboration that achieves better results for citizens Seek constructive outcomes in discussions, challenge assumptions but remain willing to compromise when it is beneficial to progress Ability to provide a credible independent voice Ability to understand the identity assurance service and how it works Ability to effectively capture, utilise and share customer insight and views from a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure better policy and delivery Ability to manage a small team Understanding of consumer and privacy issues Ensure relevant issues relating to their activity are effectively fed into strategy and big picture considerations Identify the main issues in complex problems, clarify understanding or stakeholder expectations, to seek best option Desirable: Ability and willingness to interact with media, blog, report publicly and discuss work undertaken Ability to devise workable, feasible proposals for a scalable service, including defining the scope, user needs, and the issues it should address

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