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To Learn More About CLX, Click below.
TheraBand CLX

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The TheraBand Hand Xtrainer is the ultimate hand therapy tool:
• Supports broader range of exercises – extension and eccentric!
• Patented formula supports hot/cold therapy, ease of use and
     built-in recovery for optimal form
• Economical and intuitive; ideal for home exercise
• Progressive for clear measure of progress
• Clean and professional
The Hand Xtrainers are truly a cross functional option, with applications ranging from rehab to strength training. They support a variety of finger, hand, wrist, and forearm exercises, making them an ideal replacement to putty and an economical alternative to hand extensors. Counter buy kamagra safely kamagra for cheap buy genuine kamagra online
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Click below to watch a comparison video of  the
TheraBand Hand Xtrainer vs. Putty   
You will be amazed at the difference!

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To learn more about how Biofreeze works, please view the video...

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TheraBand CLX - Consecutive Loops


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