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TheraBand CLX

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The TheraBand Hand Xtrainer is the ultimate hand therapy tool:
• Supports broader range of exercises – extension and eccentric!
• Patented formula supports hot/cold therapy, ease of use and
     built-in recovery for optimal form
• Economical and intuitive; ideal for home exercise
• Progressive for clear measure of progress
• Clean and professional
The Hand Xtrainers are truly a cross functional option, with applications ranging from rehab to strength training. They support a variety of finger, hand, wrist, and forearm exercises, making them an ideal replacement to putty and an economical alternative to hand extensors.

Click below to watch a comparison video of  the
TheraBand Hand Xtrainer vs. Putty   
You will be amazed at the difference!

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TheraBand CLX - Consecutive Loops


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