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It is our job to make sure your experience with Dr. Wallach's fine line of nutritional supplements is a transformative one. Soon we will be offering an amazing new "Boutique Shopping Experience" (BSE) to our first time visitors. To begin your adventure in self-health on the right foot, simply follow the BSE icon (to the right). Concierge service never felt so good! COMING SOON
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Why you must supplement
Question mark graphicThere are 90 nutrients essential to human health. A common recommendation made by most medical doctors is that in order to get all the nutrients necessary to maintain health you must, on a daily basis, eat food from each of the four basic food groups. Dr. Joel Wallach challenges this belief and highlights the reasons why it is practically impossible to get all the nutrients necessary to achieve and maintain opitimal health by eating food from the four food groups. Therefore you must supplement! ...   Cheap levitra canadian pharmacy
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