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Stalker denies attempt to run over Sandra Bullock's husband
- Marcia Valentine, charged with assault, already under restraining order from Bullock

Sandra Bullock's accused stalker who attempted to run over the actress' husband has pleaded not guilty.

Marcia Diane Valentine - who was charged with aggravated assault and stalking after attempting to run down Jesse James in April - pleaded not guilty to the two charges in a Southern California courtroom yesterday.

The 46-year-old faces a maximum sentence of four years and eight months in prison if she is found guilty.

On April 22, Valentine allegedly "got angry" after Jesse tried to write down her licence plate number and attempted to knock him down with her car at the couple's Sunset Beach home.

Valentine was found by police the following day and arrested her for attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

In May, Sandra won a three-year restraining order against Valentine, who has appeared at the couple's home on several occasions in the last few months.

Sandra testified in court that Valentine lay in her driveway until she was ordered away and littered her property with "weird signs" and "pieces of animal fur".

Valentine must not come within 500 yards of Sandra, Jesse or his children from a previous relationship and is forbidden from contacting them in any manner.

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